Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Your Country Exploits You!

Soldiering is now more popular reports Das Herald Sturmer (DHS). No reason has been given as to why more people would sign up whilst we are fighting in various wars. Not that the country being at war should merit such attention, especially when it's Labour Party wars..

No, the reasoning, in DHS's article - not a headline story, was left to the army and the JobCentre:

"Brigadier David Allfrey, Commander 51 (Scottish) Brigade, said economic conditions and increased national support for the Army could be helping to fuel the rise."

"Ann Scott, senior external relations manager for Jobcentre Plus, said: "With the varied and outdoor lifestyle, the excellent starting salaries, the career progression prospects and the many career choices available, it's no surprise that the Army has become a career of choice for so many."

There was a worse piece, not so long ago by Das Schottishman, which put the upsurge in recruitment down to an increase in the desire for challenges in life or some such kak.

We know. Before the onset of Britain's depression interest in the army in Scotland was falling off a cliff. Young folk have no prospects. Thanks to Brown destroying the economy, and feeding greedy bankers till they pop, the young and poor are so desperate they'll face death rather than life in Scotland, Britain, the USA.. While bankers and arms manufacturers feast on the profits of wars they themselves instigated, the economically disenfranchised go hungry. A lost generation. They'll be told to find a job or join the army. And off they go to kill and be killed for an empire which has robbed them blind and politicians that will send the poor to soldier because some oil magnate or merchant banker that provides PMs jobs after they retire told them to.

And Das Herald Sturmer offers no commentary - simply a report placed somewhere unimportant.

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