Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obamageddon and Scottish Independence

Obama predicts that the US will go bankrupt. Dr. Berninger in Hamburg has a scoop. As we know, what happens to the dollar will happen to the pound. Scotland needs to take shelter in independence. Not only is our constitutional future the most important subject for Scots but it is increasingly urgent!


Anonymous said...

Yeah right, "in a certain context" the man said. Do you believe all you read, or only when it's what you want to hear?

What makes you think the Jockistani currency would be immune if the English £ went down? Given the Scottish dependency on England you'd have a fine old job trying to keep afloat. Get some realism, man.

Alex Porter said...


You unionist shills are shameless.

The man said that Obama pointed to the 'potential' of bankruptcy of the US. He quotes Obama as saying that "if you don't do this the US will go bankrupt" meaning that if the course is not changed bankruptcy is inevitable.

The problem with corporate shills like yourself is that you believe your own propaganda.

A Scottish currency would be similar to any other resource currency like the Canadian dollar or the NZ or Norwegian currency - backed by the hard asset - oil! The pound would be backed by, em em foreign owned football teams and that's about it..

The Labour Party has itself admitted that Britain's financial sector is insolvent so The City is over. Those in the know and with no axe to grind say the same about the US.

Try some realism yourself and try not to confuse it while smoking green-shoots.

And skip the anonymous stuff. It's like being savaged by a dead sheep.