Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Revolution or War? Scotland's dilemma

Last week, The Telegraph reported that 6 senior doctors have started legal action that they think will prove that Dr. David Kelly, the UK weapons inspector was murdered. Let's just say that Dr. Kelly's information would have hindered some pretty evil corporate-fascist geo-political thugs from getting the war they wanted..

Since Brown became PM the whole story of Iraq has, miraculously, slipped from the headlines. Why are we there? Well, we now know that Vice President Dick Cheney was preparing to invade Iraq long before Sept 11 2001. We know that banks always make a fortune out of wars. They lend the money to governements to fight them and they always have investments in arms manufacturing companies. Dick Cheney's company Haliburton made a fortune out of the 'reconstruction' of Iraq after the war. JP Morgan, central to the derivatives scam which threatened to implode the world economy last year and now this year, won the contract to run the new Trade Bank of Iraq. We know that Blair pushed for the war and we know that withing 3 days of leaving office he got a 2 million pounds a year consultancy job with said JP Morgan.

There is ample evidence that Washington is now controlled by Wall St. Bankers, arms manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies. They have successfully taken over the US government. That influence extends to Britain.

We should not think of Britain as a democracy. How many people were against the war? How many against the bail-outs? No-one listens. Instead, we the people get robbed and we are increasingly distrusted. CCTV cameras, databases, ID cards and so on. We are slipping into a fascist tyrrany run for and by multi-national companies.

Millions dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. And remember that Afghanistan has 95% of the world's heroine. How does that find its way around the world? Not from the Taliban I can guarantee you that. The money gets laundered through banks and that money is leveraged up so that merchant banks can buy and sell fraudulant derivatives to each other and then suck in billions in commissions and bonuses. Drug trafficking is now one of the things that underpins the international financial system. There are no investigations by the complicit governments..

Pondering all this and why in God's name Scotland does not escape the collapsing US/Ukanian financial empire, I was reminded of an old video of a US general discussing the real agenda as to why we are deliberatly destabelising the middle-East -

We truly live in Orwellian times. Revolution and/or war gets closer by the day..

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Remember when Bush "chose" Cheney to be on the ticket nine, long years ago? In actuality, it was Cheney whose chose Cheney. Poppy Bush charged his former Secretary of Defense with the mission of finding a suitable running mate for his half-witted kid. After a vigorous and detailed "search", Dick came back with the stats: As it turned out, he was the best person qualified to run with Junior as V.P. candidate. Almost three years ago I imagined the conversation that must have taken place:

The Dickster: GEORGE! I have found your ideal running mate!

Dubya: Great! Who is it, Dick?

The Dickster: You're not gonna believe it - IT'S ME!!!

Dubya: Whoa! What're the odds!

I have always believed that it was a perfect illustration of the utter stupidity of Bush and the people around him that they swallowed all of this without batting an eye. And do you remember the term that all of the talking heads and pundits were using to describe Cheney when Bush made this fateful decision?

He had "gravitas", they chimed. Gravitas. The story keeps getting funnier with every passing moment of historical hindsight. Gravitas indeed.

Hey, Scotland! Do you know why we Yanks could send a team like Bush/Cheney to the White House to begin with? We're idiots!


Tom Degan
Goshen, NY