Tuesday, December 8, 2009

INDEPENDENCE: Now The Central Issue for Scotland!

Recovery? fffffff

We hear the same bull about recovery here as we do in the US. Even today I was reading that the SNP were talking about how Brown's cuts would endanger recovery showing that neither they nor Brown have a scooby about what's actually happening in the economy.

The latest consumer credit figures are available for the US:

Oh yes, remember Brown telling us that the bail-outs and money printing (quantative easing) were all about getting the economy going? And that was and is dutifully disseminated by a compliant, unthinking media.. Well, consumer credit continues to decline (see above). That means that small and medium businesses which are very successful can't get credit to survive and that means jobs being lost in the PRODUCTIVE and REAL economy. The 'stimulus' is killing the economy and causing a massive loss of jobs in the private sector. Giving money to insolvent banks will only mean that those banks will sit on the cash. They ain't gonnie lend any of it. If they do lend some in credit cards for example then they'll charge immoral levels of interest. They get money for 0.25% from the taxpayer and lend it to the taxpayer (now struggling, thanks to job losses) at 30 or 40%. This is dangerous and lunatic!

Money is being sucked out of the real economy. All the money that was given to the banks is being used to trade with each other backwards and forwards until it's eaten up with commissions and bonuses. Then they tell us they're creating wealth.

This is INSANE people.

In a couple of years half the money we pay in taxes will be used to pay just the interest on the government's debts. Why are they borrowing so much? To stuff money in the fat faces of their banking buddies who blew all their own money on the big casino.

Taxes are going to go through the roof and services are going to be cut so much that Britain will soon not be a first-world country. If cuts don't happen then you'll get hit with hyper-inflation and people will seriously go hungry and emigrate. This is where we are economically now. All thanks to Gordon Brown being so stupid as to be conned by greedy merchant bankers!

Scotland needs to stop and have a moratorium. Britain is becoming a total basket-case. Independence is now as appopriate a subject as it ever was. If you listen to the liars telling you that now is the time to do something about the economy and not talk about the constitution, you stand to lose everything. And remember that those who tell you that they should be doing something about the economy are the same people who have destroyed it. We should not let them near the economy - they are economically illiterate or utterly corrupted or both.

Independence is exactly what we should be discussing - anything else is negligent!

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