Friday, October 30, 2009

More 'Scotsman' Propaganda

Is there a by-election on? The Scotsman has been in full-blown, hyena-like, anti-SNP frothing mode of late. They've been re-hashing Nat-bashing and splashing haberdashing. Here's the latest helping:

According to Das Schottishman the 'business community' (or a few party line stalwarts) are accusing the SNP of an "anti-business agenda" for such crimes as "blocking of private-sector involvement in prisons and hospitals," Yeh, only Soviet-style economies don't have corporate-run prisons..

These champions of business are extremely vexed about these anti-capitalist measures. A massive increase in the money supply, the credit freeze by insolvent banks in an obviously bankrupt Britain are of no consequence to these free-market behemoths.

Mass unemployment and impending hyper-inflation, a la Britain PLC, are mere trifles compared to "the SNP's plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol." I wonder what they're drinking?

David 'Mad Dog' Maddox is currently clear favourite for the prestigious 'Das Schottishman Journalist of the Year' award!