Friday, October 30, 2009

More 'Scotsman' Propaganda

Is there a by-election on? The Scotsman has been in full-blown, hyena-like, anti-SNP frothing mode of late. They've been re-hashing Nat-bashing and splashing haberdashing. Here's the latest helping:

According to Das Schottishman the 'business community' (or a few party line stalwarts) are accusing the SNP of an "anti-business agenda" for such crimes as "blocking of private-sector involvement in prisons and hospitals," Yeh, only Soviet-style economies don't have corporate-run prisons..

These champions of business are extremely vexed about these anti-capitalist measures. A massive increase in the money supply, the credit freeze by insolvent banks in an obviously bankrupt Britain are of no consequence to these free-market behemoths.

Mass unemployment and impending hyper-inflation, a la Britain PLC, are mere trifles compared to "the SNP's plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol." I wonder what they're drinking?

David 'Mad Dog' Maddox is currently clear favourite for the prestigious 'Das Schottishman Journalist of the Year' award!


Key bored warrior. said...

More power to your keyboard mate. The Scotsman needs some serious sorting out as Mad Ox is out of order and out of control.

Will add you to my blog lidt and keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath. In the end, The Scotsman is an SNP ally.

You realize that the SNP has gotten this far with no media or newspaper support--in fact, with constant fanatical opposition. People do see through the lies.

Bzzzz said...

Don't talk rubbish, the Scotsman is more unionist than thatchers incontinence knickers!
The SNP gets NO media support at all as all the media is unionist run.

dsinq8 said...

Mr/Ms Bzzzz, relax, I think what Anonymous means is that 'The Scotsman' is so obviously rabid in its oppositon to the SNP that its current stance may actually play into nationalist hands. Most people are not stupid and few actually believe what they read in the media these days.

Anonymous said...

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