Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Biggest Fraud in History and The Silver Bullet

A story of monumental fraud, impending disaster and cover-up ensues. If you are prone to nervous reactions to extreme danger then look away now!

The biggest fraud in history is going on. It involves government collusion with merchant bankers and traders. It is so dangerous it is a matter of national security on a scale so huge the media are scared to publish the story. One day after the man who is trying to go public with this story was named he was the target of a hit-and-run attempt in London just last week.

Andrew Maguire is blowing the whistle. He's a London silver trader who had enough of market manipulation. In short, for every ounce of silver that exists 100 ounces has been sold.

Take that in for a moment. That means trillions of pounds of fraud. TRILLIONS. It works because people do not ask for delivery of silver bullion bars. They're sixty times heavier than gold in terms of the money you pay for them.. So, you buy silver and you have a piece of paper saying you own it. But do you own anything more than a piece of paper? The odds are a hundred to one against it.

Why? Well, if you think paper money is not safe you sell it and buy gold and silver. The reason being you can print lots of paper but gold and silver is in finite supply. So, if for example Gordon Brown wanted to print trillions of pounds and drop it on the population by helicopter and paper money lost all its value there would be a rush to get rid of your paper money and use it to buy gold and silver. The pound would crash and the price of gold and silver would go to the moon. That way you 'store' your wealth in a stable 'physical' currency e.g. silver.

Ok, here's the scenario. Imagine governments, who love being popular, are running out of money and have to raise taxes and cut public spending. They are going to lose the election because those are not popular policies. Riots in Greece demonstrate this ably. So, instead they decide just to print more money. Printing more money is fraud. It means that although the price in pounds of your house stays the same, if you sold it you could buy less with the money. Your purchasing power lessens. You have been shafted as a population. Politicians love it though because like the frog you don't see yourself being slowly boiled and they get to throw money at every problem that comes along and act like Santa. It's like quick sand - a slow but inevitable death.

The more money they print (quantative easing) the more investors get worried about the value of the currency. Countries (in their sovereign wealth funds) own trillions in currencies as do large investment companies. If they sense that money is being printed willy-nilly and so losing value they sell and buy gold and silver.

So, to prevent investors selling paper money (which would cause a massive drop in the value of any currency) and buying gold and silver we now have a situation where governments and merchant banks are manipulating gold and silver prices. They do this by selling the same ounce of gold and silver many times over. Now you can maybe sell the same ounce of silver ten times over because not everyone is going to ask for physical delivery. However, it has now been admitted that for every ounce of silver that exists 100 ounces have been sold.

Still with me? Ok, when international speculators find out many will simply sell all their paper money and buy silver. This will cause the paper money to nosedive and silver to skyrocket as the truth emerges. People will scramble for delivery and there will be no silver left. There will be a realisation that the value of paper money has been held up by fraudulantly holding down the price of silver. There will be a rush to gold and silver and out of paper money and very suddenly. This is why the media is afraid to go public with the story. There will be a lot of angry silver investors which includes governments, local governments, banks, investors, citizens etc.

Back to Andrew Maguire. As a London silver trader he has known that the silver market was rigged for a long time and knows how it works in fine detail. He communicated this to the organisation which is supposed to regulate the silver market, the CFTC. He told them in advance how on a specific day the market price of silver would go up and down and by how much with pinpoint accuracy. They've since tried to shut him up.

Why? The Treasury and the Federal Reserve are terrified that the dollar/pound will collapse. They have been manipulating the gold and silver markets so that they can keep printing paper money. They've done this in collusion with merchant banks and in this case, our old friend, JP Morgan. If the fraud is uncovered it is not difficult to see the fall of governments, collapse of economies, inability to continue paying for wars, runs on currencies etc.

The story is out there now. The mainstream media is avoiding going public for fear of the financial consequences and have been warned off. Interviews were had and have now been pulled. However international investors/speculators will have this story, it is going round the net, and they'll be sniffing around like dogs on heat.

It will be clear that if governments have suppressed silver prices, they've suppressed gold prices too. Recently many countries have bought hundreds of tons of gold and silver. Hong Kong has discovered that many of their gold bars, recently delivered, are gold-plated tungsten. If true and the US and UK have been delivering counterfeit gold then both countries will enter the category of dangerous, rogue states.

Not long ago Gordon Brown sold half of Britain's gold at the lowest price in decades. This issue is now called 'Brown's Bottom' in the financial community. The investigation into Brown's Bottom has been thwarted for several years now. Why? I think we are about to find out.

When a currency collapses the informed citizen can protect him/herself!

They're calling it the biggest fraud in history. Andrew Maguire may well be the Silver Bullet.

To hear an interview with Andrew Maguire yesterday on King World News click here.


Update on the Silver Bullet's well being:

As reported by Adrian Douglas, the Director of GATA who has been the contact for Mr. Andrew T. Maguire, and on the GATA website

"On March 25th at the CFTC Public Hearing on Precious Metals GATA made a dramatic revelation of a whistleblower source, Andrew Maguire, who has first hand evidence of gold and silver market manipulation by JPMorganChase, and who had tipped off the CFTC in advance of manipulation in gold and silver some months ago.

On March 26th while out shopping with his wife in the London area, Mr. Maguire's car was hit by a car careening out of a side road. The driver of the vehicle then tried to escape.

When a pedestrian eye-witness attempted to block the driver's escape he accelerated at him and would have hit him had the pedestrian not jumped out of the way. The car then hit two other cars in escaping. The driver was apprehended by the police after police helicopters were used in a high speed chase.

Andrew and his wife were hospitalized with minor injuries. They were discharged from hospital today and should make a full recovery."


Update. Today's interview on Gold/Silver price manipulation on King World News here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nuclear Threat and The Daily Mail

How do politicians get away with daylight robbery?

They print money to dilute our wealth. It's called 'quantative easing' because big words can't be blatant fraud especially when the gob that emits the word is called an 'economic expert'. So, bull-sh$t jargon, the expert wheeze and all then that's required is to distract the population with sensational garbage which the media are happy to publish.

See this video (courtesy of Subrosa)

Now, you'd think that political bloggers would avoid dumbed down 'politics' but often blogs are simply rehashed nonsense from the mainstream media. In my opinion 95% of what's written in the mainstream media is rubbish. Newspapers and tv either ignore the real stories because of fear of politicians, lack of access, withdrawal of corporate advertising or because the cost of proper investigative journalism is prohibitive as it takes time and requires a lot of man hours and then after that there's the possibility of legal action. As if that wasn't enough Prime Ministers and Ministers can hide behind privacy laws, libel laws and official secrets laws.

And they do. There would be a mountain of corruption stories about present Ministers had Britain not been a safe-haven for our corporate controlled political elite and its insatiable snout in the bottomless trough. Ah, the people's party indeed.

And it infects the SNP. I mean we are involved in several wars directly or indirectly, the population is being robbed blind by banks in tandem with politicians and the British state is collapsing. And the SNP bleats on about binge drinking - a Daily Mail pandering policy if ever there was one.

Cast your mind back to the aftermath of Sept 11th when the fascistic 'war on terror' kicked off. The evil Bs were pushing for war (Blair, Bush and Bin Laden). In the States folks were stocking up on scotch tape, gas masks, bullets etc. A few guys in a cave had them buying survival books in anticipation of the imminent attack on their civilisation by them what don't like our way of life.

Yes, Al Quaida became famous and Bin Laden a household name like Michael Jackson.

For some reason our political masters wanted to paint a threat of annihilation. I remember Blair had ordered tanks to drive around Edinburgh so that we got the point.

Let me tell you about a threat:

North Korea Threatens "Unprecedented Nuclear Strikes" On America

Yeh, in the last couple of weeks, the North Koreans, whose economy is in freefall, sank a South Korean submarine. Almost 50 sailors were killed. South Korea has said nothing and there's been a news blackout. Annoyed by being ignored the psychopath Kim Yong-II has now threatened a nuclear strike against the US. He has nukes. Yet we've heard nothing in the media except for alternative media sources like who do a half-decent job of telling it like it is.

Now, how is it that we get Bin Laden rammed down our throats but nearly no-one has even heard of Kim Young-II and nothing about the threat of nuclear attack? Is it because this story doesn't suit the imperial US/Ukanian agenda?

Is it because those who profit from Iraq and Afghanistan and the 'war on terror' also own the world's media? If they tell us who to feel threatened by then they can achieve compliance for war and especially where oil can be found.

Has the Daily Mail and other such outlets dumbed us down so much that we wait passively to be told what's important to us? Has Orwell's 1984 already been ushered in?

We froth at the mouth about 'hoodies' while banks are encouraged by your government to transfer the public's wealth to themselves. And no-one thinks it's a serious issue.

Today I read a story about how every day 60 kids in Scotland become homeless. This is about how disgraceful economic policy is affecting people's lives dramatically. Labour has destroyed the UK economy and people's lives are being destroyed. And what do we do? We blame it on the poor and what they drink! And we're told over a hundred thousand kids live in fuel-poverty and that in an oil-rich country like Scotland. Where is the campaigning SNP? Who is speaking up for our vulnerable poor?

We have to take responsibility. Stop believing the garbage that is peddled at us to distract us from real political stories. The homeless, the jobless, the poor and others who deserve a just society and a fair economy are being robbed and we let it happen. We bicker over nonsense while real stories are going on quietly and profitably right under our noses.

As there is so many who have switched off the elite literally get away with murder. Those who know what is going on are powerless because so many are locked in a parallel universe but they are reaching out so join them. Fight for your rights and freedoms for pity's sakes.

These are revolutionary times. Switch off East Enders and join a peace organisation. Burn your Daily Mail or Daily Record and read the alternative media on the internet. Take your money out of big banks and put them into community banks. Grow food instead of eating garbage supermarket food. Write letters and send emails to politicians because they are collaberating with the beast.

Rise up and take your country back!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Election Strategy Flawed

Election a-comin'. I've been reading the usual mince that passes off as economic reporting in the media. I've even read some eminent bloggers pondering whether or not the budget is a good one.

I read Maddox of The Scotsman talking about who people thought had the best economic strategy to deal with the 'economic crisis'. There was no question on what people think the crisis is, how bad it is or more importantly who caused it.

Apparently many Scots think that Labour has the best strategy to deal with the crisis. For heaven's sakes - they caused it. And this is where the SNP have been failing miserably. The strategy has been about attacking the London government over proposed cuts. Well, given that the problem is about debt that's not really a wise strategy.

At the SNP conference Swinney talked about Scotland being held back by 'bankrupt Britain'. I have been banging on about this strategy for over a year. I've tried to change the debate through newspaper message boards and had some success. The SNP really needs to think big and punt this line over and over.

Labour has brought the British economy to the point of bankruptcy. That line must be pushed over and over again. Given the mess Brown has got us into how is it that the SNP can be on the backfoot on the issue of the economy? It's nonsensical and is a consequence of poor strategic thinking in the SNP leadership.

How can we trust the people who got us into an economic mess to get us out of it? We should be hammering this line continually. Instead the strategy is complaining about cuts to the Scottish budget. A matter that is easily defended given that debt is smothering the economy.

The SNP must change tactics and attack the cause and depth of the crisis. It must point out that this is not a recession but a systemic collapse and that independence is the escape clause. The current strategy is dishonest, petty and ultimately misses an open goal. Britain is bankrupt and Scotland must get out - that's a simple line to punt and is honest. Britain has failed and the London political parties have taken Britain into terminal economic decline.

Instead Labour can swan around talking about strategies for 'recovery' and feel no need to defend themselves for their role in the economic madness that has constituted their policies. They've destroyed the manufacturing base, created a credit bubble which is now choking the private sector to death and bailed out the banks transferring private debts to the taxpayer and thus ensuring that there will be no resolution to the economic crisis for several generations.

For my blogger friends and so-called economic commentators. The budget was irrelevant. The economic disaster which we find ourselves in requires drastic measures and none of them where found in the budget. The banks must be allowed to fail, all bail-out debts repudiated and private credit card and mortgage debts scrapped. That will free up people to save and spend and thus the consumer will be back and savings will drive manufacturing investment.

The government are working in tandem with the banks. And that means debt for generations. Debt is how they want to control the population. It's neo-feudal economics and people are going to suffer - a lot. I fear that their weapons of mass distraction are not going to save the British political class from the wrath of the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, the SNP are complaining about budget cuts. Unbelievable.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Labour Lobby Dossers

No sooner do I do an entry on Blair's own personal corruption and his motivations for forcing Britain into war than a whole raft of ex Labour ministers are exposed as corrupt.

Demand for probe after MPs caught in TV sting

Being a shameless Labour pamphlet we've come to expect The Herald putting a protective spin on Labour corruption and they don't let us down today. The story is couched in terms of a problem with procedures and with MPs generally and even tries to distance the current government from 'ex-ministers' as though Brown wasn't their colleague! What is a story about the moral collapse of the Labour Party and the very nature of New Labour is dressed up as a generic problem in politics. No screaming headlines with the word 'Labour' the way they do with so-called SNP stories..

During the previous LobbyGate affair Derek Draper took the flak and made out that he his claims of access were hyperbole and the press bought the line. The truth was government policy was being influenced in return for money, other rewards donations to the party and individual election funds for politicians.

Now Stephen Byers is trying the same spin. Britain's media must investigate the real crimes of corruption at the highest level of government. Blair is now a multi-millionaire making vast fortunes out of the Iraq war. The people are entitled to know what is happening to their democracy.

Does government offer power plants, rail franchises and environmental waivers in return for campaign finance and directorships? Is this what New Labour is?

I think we need to know!

Philosophers Now Political Prisoners in USA

He's super bright, he has made very accurate predictions about economic crises, his computer modelling has been sought after by the Japanese government and the CIA. Martin Armstrong is also in prison and has been for 10 years.

In that time there was an attempt on his life, his legal team have had their money taken away, his mother's bank account and pension was frozen and many of his constitutional rights withdrawn. He and his friends argue that he confessed after torture to fraud and he's currently in solitary confinement.

Martin calls himself America's #1 political prisoner. His enemies? Wall St bankers like Goldman Sachs and others and he comitted the one crime that really got him in trouble; he got on the wrong side of the Bush dynasty..

Smuggled out of prison is a hand-written letter about the global financial crisis and run by Business Insider:

He believes that Western Society is in meltdown but offers a way out and has asked that his solution be forwarded to politicians everywhere.

His solution?

1) We freeze all national debt.
2) We issue coupons whereby the debt will be redeemed for local currency to be invested in the domestic economy debt or equity.
3) Each nation then establishes it own currency pegged to (euro). The US debt is swapped to coupons that may be spent domestically.
4) All direct taxation must end, no income tax, gift, inheritance, capital gains or property tax. All local government funds itself by retail sales tax.
5) Fed government prints the cash needed instead of accumulative deficit each year as % of GDP. Add up interest paid 1986 - 2006, the US debt other than interest would have been less than $300 billion. Printing, if controlled will be a fiat nor hyperinflation. We need a steady growth in money supply to expand & keep pace with population

Martin goes on to say that "these are the basic cornerstones required to stop the cycle of economic implosion."

Some interesting thoughts and insights. What is really incredible is that clearly the guy is a political prisoner. He has been put in solitary for helping inmates with legal issues something he's entitled to do.

The question that arises time and time again about the USA is this: Is it the country we think it is? Has the US constitution been usurped and are a small band of rich elite now in charge? Is the US sinking into political, economic and moral collapse and disintegration?

And then a question for the rest of us: Are we going to allow ourselves to go down with it?

The skies are darkening people. Voices are being silenced. This message from solitary confinement should be a wake up call for all who value their peace, prosperity and freedom.

For more info on Martin check out:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blair's War Profits

It a' comes out in the wash!

In Today's Mail:

Blair's fight to keep his oil cash secret: Former PM's deals are revealed as his earnings since 2007 reach £20million

Why do people still vote Labour? Especially in Scotland where there is not only the option of a sincere political party in the SNP but the offer of real political change under independence!

Let's call it for what it is - mass slaughter of humans: men, women and children. We all know that Blair lied to get Britain into a war and that his motivation was that he wanted the largesse and approval that the big corporate players would heap on him for his collaberation. He wanted into
the club, he craved access to the global elite's playgrounds. And how earnerstly he sought it.

A million Iraqi deaths later and he's still at it.

Days after he left Downing Street he started a GBP 2 million p/a concultancy job with JP Morgan. Yes, the same bank which now has the lucrative contract to run the Trading Bank of Iraq. And now we learn that he been trying to keep secret his connection with the UI Energy Corporation, a South Korean oil company which has 'extensive interests' in Iraq.

It goes on, he's made a packet doing constultancy work round the Middle-East including advising the royal family in Kuwait..

Increasingly we see that the New Labour project was all about government for big business. LobbyGate wasn't about some uppity lobbyist but about government policy determined by the highest bidder. Blair sold Britain out. He got in with the Bush boys whose strategy was to threaten any country that didn't do what it was told and surrender its soveriegn wealth to them and their buddies. Blair was a good boy, rejecting the stated desire of the marching millions in Britain against the war and increasingly we see his kick-back.

To me, it is clear. The man is a war criminal and the blood of millions is on his hands.

However let's not allow Blair's complicity in this criminal conspiracy throw us off the scent. Complicity in mass murder is shared by his party and none moreso than Gordon Brown. Brown was his number 2. How much leverage did Brown gain through Draper and other lobbyists and the access big business got to the corridors of power? Did not Brown vote and argue for the war too? Would Brown do anything to prevent his own assention into power and elite clubs? The cash for his and his buddy's campaigns and the influence these oligarchs have over public opinion?

Brown and his party exist primarily to profit from patronage. They ceased being a serious political force a long time ago. PFI, wars, nuclear weapons, cctv cameras, ID cards, bailouts etc etc. Labour serves no-one but their donors and other buddies. They are joined at the hip with big business whether it be pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, banks or arms manufacturers
Labour will be there facilitating and raking in the personal benefits from such relationships.

The political system and the financial system in Britain has been hijacked by big business. In Scotland there is the chance to take it back through independence. We can shape our own future as a nation or be slaves to the system in Britain PLC - a wholly owned subsidiary of USA Corp.

Let's get out before we're in more wars and the bankers suck us dry!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bank Chairman Arrested!

At last, the news we've all been waiting for:

Former Anglo chairman Seán FitzPatrick arrested

The Garda Fraud Squad have arrested the former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank (AIB) in relation to a year long investigation into financial irregularities at the bank.

As this news filters around the board rooms of the world's top banks the stench of urine will waft across business districts around the world but especially in the City of London which was the epicentre of the fraud which now threatens to impoverish much of the world as citizens are being forced to guarantee losses incurred by private banks.

Fraud is now endemic in the financial services sector thanks to Brown's bail-outs. And the economy faces further decline until such times as the banks who went bust (all of them) are let go and a new financial system is ushered in. Throwing money at the banks has been a personal disaster for millions of people who have lost jobs, pensions, their homes and continue to do so.

You simply can not have a financial services sector which does not have to face the consequences of its speculative investments and that's what bail-outs have done. The result? Banks are now out of control abusing public funds and are still no nearer solvency.

You will hear talk of recovery from the media, corporate economists, bankers, politicians and others but it can't happen. Why? Banks are bust so will not lend and the people are so heavily indebted they do not wish to borrow any more. Until now the government has thrown money at the banks in the hope they will lend. Problem is that that money means more debt to the public and the banks' debts are so huge the bail-outs are but a drop in the ocean.

The solution? Investigate the banks and lock up all those who bought and sold derivatives that bankers and others knew where fraudulant. Send them to prison. Build a new financial system, cancel citizens' mortgage and credit card debts and allow people to save and spend again. That is the solution that should have happened at the start of this sorry mess. Instead, the fraudsters were rewarded and the population has been raped. And the poor fools including economists and eminent bloggers were so dumb they advised bending over and askingfor more.

We've all been screwed from Ireland to Iceland and from America to Greece by global merchant bankers. We must try the bankers who perpetrated the fraud or governments will hand over every penny you and your grandchildren make to them to fill the black hole created by their greed and fraud.

People have to decide between debt bondage or economic justice.

One banker arrested, I want to see thousands more! Time to clean up the garbage from our systems starting with bankers!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go Greece Lightening

One of the most amazing aspects of the 'financial crisis' is that somehow the impression has been given that there is an economic problem. Something to do with markets or productivity. You know something that a bit of 'stimulus' can fix..


The problem is old-fashioned theft. The economy is suffering because all the money is being stolen. First it was fraud and they needed bail-outs to conceal the fraud. The population borrowed money from the fraudsters to bail-out the fraudsters. We borrowed at massive rates of interest and we lent at almost nothing. The original fraud was so big that the bail-outs can't plug the gap. So, there's no credit for business to survive and business and consumer are being cash-starved and loaded up with more and more debt.

We didn't have to bail out the banks. That was a lie to start with. I mean what do we need them for anyway? They ain't lending.. And with all that public money we gave them through quantative easing (money printing) they're simply buying and selling more fraudulant derivatives. When these derivatives explode you the tax payer will have to foot the bill again.

The problem is you can't. The economy is log jammed with debt. It's not a 'recession' like you are familiar with, it is a system failure caused by debt load. So, borrowing more money will only make the problem worse.

They talk about 'recovery'- it isn't going to happen. No-one is yet ready to fix the problem. The banks need to fail and all the debt from the bail-outs repudiated. Then and only then will consumers consume and savers save.

Until you realise that the economy and your democracy is broken you will continue to be squeezed out of your wealth. Look at Greece. Public services hacked to bits and taxes going through the roof. All this because they've been looted by international merchant banks on Wall St and The City of London. Their products have been sold to banks and financial institutions round the world and were so complicated that no-one really knew what they were buying.

So, why don't we send JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs packing? We will but not till we go hungry and that is in the post.

Today, as the Greek government agrees to cut services and raise taxes in what will be a huge shock to all Greeks, the Greek people have occupied their finance ministry and blocked roads to the city centre of Athens.

Folks, Greece (and Iceland) are on the verge of revolution. The answer to all this is is to take the merchant banks to criminal courts and try them. They're deliberately destroying economies around the world. Governments are afraid to take them on. Well then the answer is to take down your government and demand debt repudiation. Tell the parasites to get packing, that's what Iceland is doing. Why should Greece destroy its people's wealth and destroy its standard of living to 'bail-out' international banks?

People, this is not a problem of the economy that governments are trying to fix. Governments are being conned by bankers who are now helping governments to hide debts and using 'derivative' finance based on fraudulant assets. It is difficult for governments to expose the real state of their public finances so we must force them before they sell their citizens into debt bondage.

You must take your countries back because your governments have been co-opted by smart, super-rich international bankers.

Watch you lifestyles disappear or take to the streets. What's happening in Greece is going to be in Britain soon - shortly after the election. For the sake of all our futures you must wake up and destroy the beast before it destroys you.

Ok, Let's Talk About Corruption Then!

The latest bout of virulent anti-SNP propaganda has got my creative juices going. There's gold in them there hills. Later..

Yes, take the latest Scotsman headline:

STV and SNP face 'cash for shows' inquiry

Is about nothing more than the Scottish government giving a tv channel some money to make shows about Scotland. The headline is misleading too as there is an investigation into STV but not the SNP. The regulator OfCom must investigate when something is in the 'public interest'. Now who decides that it is in the 'public interest'? The newspaper press stupid. The details of this story are nonsense and not worthy of intelligent debate.

Clearly, the headline is all part of a concerted campaign to give the impression that the SNP are every bit as corrupt as their unionist opponents. Throw as much mud as possible and maybe some of it will stick or at least apathy will destroy interest in politics enough to let the unionist establishment do what they want anyway.

Given that the British economy is edging towards the abyss and there's talk of war with Iran you'd think that reporters would cover these matters and prioritise them. Well, they're not really reporters. The Eddie Barnes of this world are news-creators. People who get up every day thinking about how they're going to give false impressions on behalf of their political prejudices/corporate paymasters..

This campaign of vilification is aimed at discrediting the SNP leadership. We've had this 'gate' and that 'gate' but none of the gates have swung anything open. The SNP is doing so well that these excuses for journalists are reduced to slinging mud around will-nilly. No stories, just lurid headlines. They're so used to it now that they've got lazy. Their contempt for their ever decreasing readership is self-evident. And so we have a credibility issue. Not of the SNP but of Scotland's media which is widely despised and distrusted. The internet is where more and more people are going for their information. They know they're being lied to and so they've become immune to the lies.

This has created a fantastic campaigning opportunity for the SNP if they have a bit of nous to capitalise on it.

In an election campaign they can compare and contrast their record. By comparing all the inquiries and investigations which have amounted to nothing with Labour's record which have led to arrests and so on they can highlight how their competitors have thrown mud around whilst being corrupt at the same time. This would make for a fantastic political broadcast. This contrast which would prove that the SNP are clean, would also highlight that they are a competent government facing an incompetent opposition. The political capital from such a campaign could be immensely positive for Salmond. It would destroy any doubts that may have stuck in people's minds from these tactics at the same time i.e. set the record straight!

And not only would it be good ground for the SNP to fight on but it would be seen as justifiable 'negative' campaigning. Labour would be severly damaged in this battle.

However the real victory would be to derail the unionist media machine turning all the anti-SNP smears against the unionist parties. What would the Barnes and McDonnels of the unionist propaganda world do then? Hoist on their own petard.

Let the SNP come out fighting, they can only lose by not defending themselves. Yes, make a key part of the election campaign a debate about corruption in public life. Let them stand on their record. Otherwise they'll be leaving an open goal. They should not let this opportunity pass!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Around The Corner?

No cuts this side of the election which means even more on the other side.

Here in Spain the next election is a long way off. Today, my student was talking about the proliferation of 'fines' in Spain. The population are to be fined for every minor infringement you can imagine. On my way back from this class I was fined on the metro. I bought a new ticket and accidently threw away the last one.. The message is cross every 't' and dot every 'i' because human error will not be tolerated.

Spain is watching Greece closely. The global merchant bankers have been helping Zapatero hide his debts and releasing more 'loans' using derivative finance. When the bomb hits Spain will have to sell off its schools, hospitals, roads and everything else to clients or subsidieries of Goldman or JP Morgan. The very boys who helped Greece and Spain conceal the debts.

Problem is now the real situation is coming out into the open. Spain has a mountain of debt and will have to cut public spending massively, something Zapatero is saying he won't do but he'll have no choice. It's looking more possible that Spain may have to leave the Euro, return to the Peseta and devalue before joining again.

It's all down to debt. Having borrowed so much there is no more collateral to borrow against and even if there was the banks won't lend because they're lying about their balance sheets. So, government is going to make the cuts, increase the taxes and fines and banks are going to add more charges to accounts. There is no choice unless they demand the money back they've given to banks in the form of bail-outs and quantative easing. The people are loaded up with debt so by continuing to be squeezed extreme hardship will ensue. People are going to go hungry and going to go crazy.

That's Spain, so let's look at Europe as a whole/hole:

Unbalanced Europe

O oh, Britain is in a far worse position than Spain. The good news, for Spain, is that their population has much less private debt than Britain's. Yep, London is going to need a lot more money from you and you already have more personal debt than the rest of the EU combined.

What does this all mean? Well, look to Ireland and Greece for an indication but make no mistake, Britain is worse. Civil servants will loose jobs and their salaries will be hacked to bits. Benefits will be capped, you'll be fined for milimetre parking infringements, public transport costs will escalate, police numbers will be reduced as crimes against property and person increase, banks will continue putting up charges, they'll make cash transactions of more than GBP1500 illegal, as it becomes clear they're going to devalue the pound they'll stop all international cash transactions. You may be ordered to hand in all private gold you hold, they'll tax property owners so that even if you own your property you'll lose your wealth. The list will go on and on and on. Forget higher education, forget retiring at 65 expect house prices to drop further.

Thanks to Gordon printing money like nobody's business the pound could be the first major currency to get it in the neck. The Euro is under pressure and there is flight to the dollar which is stupid because there's no safety net there either.

When he prints more money he's diluting your wealth. You put up with that because you compare yourself to the Jones's but international investors don't. They compare the value of their investment against the global market. As the value of their currency and bonds decline they'll get rid of their pounds. In the last few days investors have been selling pounds and even buying Zimbabwe dollars with them..

I've read newspaper after newspaper tell us that the government should borrow more money to spend to facilitate recovery. That might work if the system does not have a debt/credit problem. The problem is that we are not in recession, we have a system failure caused by too much debt and so borrowing more is absolute lunacy. Yet, financial commentators advocate it just the same. And I've read bloggers talk about Alisdair Darling's competence.

The truth is that debt empowers banks and enslaves citizens. After the election you are going to get slaughtered. Expect civil unrest, political instability and possible law and order malfunction. If currencies decline quickly the food supply can be interrupted so make sure you've got a couple of months of grub just in case.

And when you realise that 'recovery' was all baloney, that you sleepwalked into a nightmare and you work for the banks that you had the chance to vote for independence..