Monday, March 22, 2010

Philosophers Now Political Prisoners in USA

He's super bright, he has made very accurate predictions about economic crises, his computer modelling has been sought after by the Japanese government and the CIA. Martin Armstrong is also in prison and has been for 10 years.

In that time there was an attempt on his life, his legal team have had their money taken away, his mother's bank account and pension was frozen and many of his constitutional rights withdrawn. He and his friends argue that he confessed after torture to fraud and he's currently in solitary confinement.

Martin calls himself America's #1 political prisoner. His enemies? Wall St bankers like Goldman Sachs and others and he comitted the one crime that really got him in trouble; he got on the wrong side of the Bush dynasty..

Smuggled out of prison is a hand-written letter about the global financial crisis and run by Business Insider:

He believes that Western Society is in meltdown but offers a way out and has asked that his solution be forwarded to politicians everywhere.

His solution?

1) We freeze all national debt.
2) We issue coupons whereby the debt will be redeemed for local currency to be invested in the domestic economy debt or equity.
3) Each nation then establishes it own currency pegged to (euro). The US debt is swapped to coupons that may be spent domestically.
4) All direct taxation must end, no income tax, gift, inheritance, capital gains or property tax. All local government funds itself by retail sales tax.
5) Fed government prints the cash needed instead of accumulative deficit each year as % of GDP. Add up interest paid 1986 - 2006, the US debt other than interest would have been less than $300 billion. Printing, if controlled will be a fiat nor hyperinflation. We need a steady growth in money supply to expand & keep pace with population

Martin goes on to say that "these are the basic cornerstones required to stop the cycle of economic implosion."

Some interesting thoughts and insights. What is really incredible is that clearly the guy is a political prisoner. He has been put in solitary for helping inmates with legal issues something he's entitled to do.

The question that arises time and time again about the USA is this: Is it the country we think it is? Has the US constitution been usurped and are a small band of rich elite now in charge? Is the US sinking into political, economic and moral collapse and disintegration?

And then a question for the rest of us: Are we going to allow ourselves to go down with it?

The skies are darkening people. Voices are being silenced. This message from solitary confinement should be a wake up call for all who value their peace, prosperity and freedom.

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voiceofourown said...

4) All direct taxation must end, no income tax, gift, inheritance, capital gains or property tax. All local government funds itself by retail sales tax.

A very bad idea. If you take East Ayrshire as an example, a large proportion of residents shop in Ayr which is in South Ayrshire.
I live in East Ayrshire in a village a mere 5 miles from Ayr but some 15 miles from Kilmarnock (East Ayrshire's main retail centre). There is no direct bus route to Kilmarnock and few cultural or economic links to Kilmarnock. A large part of East Ayrshire is in the same position.
We don't all live in urban or semi-urban areas with good shopping within our council district.
You can see the implications for yourself.

Alex Porter said...

Good point.

My gist is that this guy should be heard. I'm not saying I agree with him or even fully understand his pov.

We are facing a crisis anyway and the status quo ain't a good idea. If this was enacted I think new boundaries would be set and probably local people would tend towards spending locally. I also think the power of supermarkets would be challenged and a policy towards local retailing in local economic planning would ensue. I'm all for buying locally!

I think this is about changing circumstances rather than fitting them..