Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blair's War Profits

It a' comes out in the wash!

In Today's Mail:

Blair's fight to keep his oil cash secret: Former PM's deals are revealed as his earnings since 2007 reach £20million

Why do people still vote Labour? Especially in Scotland where there is not only the option of a sincere political party in the SNP but the offer of real political change under independence!

Let's call it for what it is - mass slaughter of humans: men, women and children. We all know that Blair lied to get Britain into a war and that his motivation was that he wanted the largesse and approval that the big corporate players would heap on him for his collaberation. He wanted into
the club, he craved access to the global elite's playgrounds. And how earnerstly he sought it.

A million Iraqi deaths later and he's still at it.

Days after he left Downing Street he started a GBP 2 million p/a concultancy job with JP Morgan. Yes, the same bank which now has the lucrative contract to run the Trading Bank of Iraq. And now we learn that he been trying to keep secret his connection with the UI Energy Corporation, a South Korean oil company which has 'extensive interests' in Iraq.

It goes on, he's made a packet doing constultancy work round the Middle-East including advising the royal family in Kuwait..

Increasingly we see that the New Labour project was all about government for big business. LobbyGate wasn't about some uppity lobbyist but about government policy determined by the highest bidder. Blair sold Britain out. He got in with the Bush boys whose strategy was to threaten any country that didn't do what it was told and surrender its soveriegn wealth to them and their buddies. Blair was a good boy, rejecting the stated desire of the marching millions in Britain against the war and increasingly we see his kick-back.

To me, it is clear. The man is a war criminal and the blood of millions is on his hands.

However let's not allow Blair's complicity in this criminal conspiracy throw us off the scent. Complicity in mass murder is shared by his party and none moreso than Gordon Brown. Brown was his number 2. How much leverage did Brown gain through Draper and other lobbyists and the access big business got to the corridors of power? Did not Brown vote and argue for the war too? Would Brown do anything to prevent his own assention into power and elite clubs? The cash for his and his buddy's campaigns and the influence these oligarchs have over public opinion?

Brown and his party exist primarily to profit from patronage. They ceased being a serious political force a long time ago. PFI, wars, nuclear weapons, cctv cameras, ID cards, bailouts etc etc. Labour serves no-one but their donors and other buddies. They are joined at the hip with big business whether it be pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, banks or arms manufacturers
Labour will be there facilitating and raking in the personal benefits from such relationships.

The political system and the financial system in Britain has been hijacked by big business. In Scotland there is the chance to take it back through independence. We can shape our own future as a nation or be slaves to the system in Britain PLC - a wholly owned subsidiary of USA Corp.

Let's get out before we're in more wars and the bankers suck us dry!


Tapestry said...

If we suckers in England get rid of the corruption of our system, can we re-amalgamate with Scotland? When the 'system' tries to invade Scotland to get you back, you won't want your near neighbour fighting on the wrong side. Let's be independent together. After all, our ruling class are either Scots (Brown) or sound it - Blair, Campbell, Darling and soon Cameron.

Bob said...

I'm not sure how Scotland can be independent if the SNP insists on being in the EU.
Plus the policies of the SNP don't look too sincere to me.

1. Destroying Scotland's scenery with 600 pylons which are 4 times the height of traditional pylons.
2. Falling for the man made global warming scam and wasting billions on windmills etc.
3. Continuing to support the SIF despite thousands of pounds being wasted on Islamfests that never happen and their leader resigning just days after the unfavourable audit.
4. Refusing to investigate the ongoing cover ups in Aberdeen, Lockerbie, Glasgow and Dunblane.
5.Releasing the Lockerbie bomber and allowing him to return home where he couldn't be monitored under his lifers license.
6. Pledging to open the doors to mass immigration despite thousands being unemployed in Scotland.
7. 'Whoring' themselves at funding dinners in order to appease the muslim vote.
8. Failing to carry out due dilligence when writing letters of support in favour of illegal immigrants and convicted fraudsters.
9. Turning us into a nanny state with their zealous attempts to stop us drinking, smoking and eating what we like.
10. Failing to enforce existing laws on drunkeness and violence and blaming it all on cheap drink despite Scotland being one of the most expensive places to drink in the world.

Alex Porter said...

Hi Bob,
Have to agree on many of your points. The problem is that a party whose aim is to achieve independence is locked into a political agenda too. For me independence and the SNP are two different things.

1) Dunno much about the issue. Doesn't sound nice but then we already have disgraceful eyesores all over Scotland much worse than pilons could be so not sure they have a monopoly of uglifying the nation.

2) This is surely about energy and in the context of peak cheap oil. If fossil fuels are depleting the windmills seem like a sensible approach and I'm very anti-nuclear.

3) Not sure about this and it sounds like a small issue. I think that given the war on terror that we really should be making an extra effort to make minorities feel comfortable. The SNP has to give off the image of being open and Scotland has a reputation of being international to consider. I'm all for audits if dodginess emerges. Problem is that the media are so anti-SNP that the latter get slaughtered for every minor oversight even if they bring it to our attention.

4) Dunno about these 'cover ups' and sounds like there's stuff going on behind the scenes. Is this really a big issue?

5) Lockerbie bomber issue was a joke from the getgo. Our country was shamed by his guilty verdict. Too many issues here to go into..

6) Dunno about immigration. I do know that immigration can improve economies and create even more jobs.

7) The funding dinner is a nonsense. In the absence of public funding for parties this stuff is going to happen. At least they're not invading countries in return for millions like Tony Blair.

8) I think the letter was sound. She only apologised because the media were going to use people's prejudices to attack the SNP.

9) Agree on this. This is tabloid politics but again all the parties do it.

10) Agreed on the binge drinking thing. It's a rediculous policy and panders to those who like to have a kick at the poor. Not a major issue though.

I think the real issues facing us is the fact that Britain is bankrupt. The London parties have taken us to this point. As an independet country with oil Scotland can get out of this mess. Inside the UK we are going to have a massive drop in living standards, rise in crime and the possibility of more distracting imperial wars.

These issues get me worked up more than pylons and an islamic dinner bash..

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