Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nuclear Threat and The Daily Mail

How do politicians get away with daylight robbery?

They print money to dilute our wealth. It's called 'quantative easing' because big words can't be blatant fraud especially when the gob that emits the word is called an 'economic expert'. So, bull-sh$t jargon, the expert wheeze and all then that's required is to distract the population with sensational garbage which the media are happy to publish.

See this video (courtesy of Subrosa)

Now, you'd think that political bloggers would avoid dumbed down 'politics' but often blogs are simply rehashed nonsense from the mainstream media. In my opinion 95% of what's written in the mainstream media is rubbish. Newspapers and tv either ignore the real stories because of fear of politicians, lack of access, withdrawal of corporate advertising or because the cost of proper investigative journalism is prohibitive as it takes time and requires a lot of man hours and then after that there's the possibility of legal action. As if that wasn't enough Prime Ministers and Ministers can hide behind privacy laws, libel laws and official secrets laws.

And they do. There would be a mountain of corruption stories about present Ministers had Britain not been a safe-haven for our corporate controlled political elite and its insatiable snout in the bottomless trough. Ah, the people's party indeed.

And it infects the SNP. I mean we are involved in several wars directly or indirectly, the population is being robbed blind by banks in tandem with politicians and the British state is collapsing. And the SNP bleats on about binge drinking - a Daily Mail pandering policy if ever there was one.

Cast your mind back to the aftermath of Sept 11th when the fascistic 'war on terror' kicked off. The evil Bs were pushing for war (Blair, Bush and Bin Laden). In the States folks were stocking up on scotch tape, gas masks, bullets etc. A few guys in a cave had them buying survival books in anticipation of the imminent attack on their civilisation by them what don't like our way of life.

Yes, Al Quaida became famous and Bin Laden a household name like Michael Jackson.

For some reason our political masters wanted to paint a threat of annihilation. I remember Blair had ordered tanks to drive around Edinburgh so that we got the point.

Let me tell you about a threat:

North Korea Threatens "Unprecedented Nuclear Strikes" On America

Yeh, in the last couple of weeks, the North Koreans, whose economy is in freefall, sank a South Korean submarine. Almost 50 sailors were killed. South Korea has said nothing and there's been a news blackout. Annoyed by being ignored the psychopath Kim Yong-II has now threatened a nuclear strike against the US. He has nukes. Yet we've heard nothing in the media except for alternative media sources like who do a half-decent job of telling it like it is.

Now, how is it that we get Bin Laden rammed down our throats but nearly no-one has even heard of Kim Young-II and nothing about the threat of nuclear attack? Is it because this story doesn't suit the imperial US/Ukanian agenda?

Is it because those who profit from Iraq and Afghanistan and the 'war on terror' also own the world's media? If they tell us who to feel threatened by then they can achieve compliance for war and especially where oil can be found.

Has the Daily Mail and other such outlets dumbed us down so much that we wait passively to be told what's important to us? Has Orwell's 1984 already been ushered in?

We froth at the mouth about 'hoodies' while banks are encouraged by your government to transfer the public's wealth to themselves. And no-one thinks it's a serious issue.

Today I read a story about how every day 60 kids in Scotland become homeless. This is about how disgraceful economic policy is affecting people's lives dramatically. Labour has destroyed the UK economy and people's lives are being destroyed. And what do we do? We blame it on the poor and what they drink! And we're told over a hundred thousand kids live in fuel-poverty and that in an oil-rich country like Scotland. Where is the campaigning SNP? Who is speaking up for our vulnerable poor?

We have to take responsibility. Stop believing the garbage that is peddled at us to distract us from real political stories. The homeless, the jobless, the poor and others who deserve a just society and a fair economy are being robbed and we let it happen. We bicker over nonsense while real stories are going on quietly and profitably right under our noses.

As there is so many who have switched off the elite literally get away with murder. Those who know what is going on are powerless because so many are locked in a parallel universe but they are reaching out so join them. Fight for your rights and freedoms for pity's sakes.

These are revolutionary times. Switch off East Enders and join a peace organisation. Burn your Daily Mail or Daily Record and read the alternative media on the internet. Take your money out of big banks and put them into community banks. Grow food instead of eating garbage supermarket food. Write letters and send emails to politicians because they are collaberating with the beast.

Rise up and take your country back!

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subrosa said...

Excellent post Alex. Such a shame the community banking appears to be only in 'poor' areas because there are less well-off people everywhere.

I did reader about the North Korean sinking of the sub but didn't feel as if I knew enough about the country to post about it. That's a poor excuse of course because, as you say, there are plenty areas of information now we have the internet.

In future I will try to do better.