Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Biggest Fraud in History and The Silver Bullet

A story of monumental fraud, impending disaster and cover-up ensues. If you are prone to nervous reactions to extreme danger then look away now!

The biggest fraud in history is going on. It involves government collusion with merchant bankers and traders. It is so dangerous it is a matter of national security on a scale so huge the media are scared to publish the story. One day after the man who is trying to go public with this story was named he was the target of a hit-and-run attempt in London just last week.

Andrew Maguire is blowing the whistle. He's a London silver trader who had enough of market manipulation. In short, for every ounce of silver that exists 100 ounces has been sold.

Take that in for a moment. That means trillions of pounds of fraud. TRILLIONS. It works because people do not ask for delivery of silver bullion bars. They're sixty times heavier than gold in terms of the money you pay for them.. So, you buy silver and you have a piece of paper saying you own it. But do you own anything more than a piece of paper? The odds are a hundred to one against it.

Why? Well, if you think paper money is not safe you sell it and buy gold and silver. The reason being you can print lots of paper but gold and silver is in finite supply. So, if for example Gordon Brown wanted to print trillions of pounds and drop it on the population by helicopter and paper money lost all its value there would be a rush to get rid of your paper money and use it to buy gold and silver. The pound would crash and the price of gold and silver would go to the moon. That way you 'store' your wealth in a stable 'physical' currency e.g. silver.

Ok, here's the scenario. Imagine governments, who love being popular, are running out of money and have to raise taxes and cut public spending. They are going to lose the election because those are not popular policies. Riots in Greece demonstrate this ably. So, instead they decide just to print more money. Printing more money is fraud. It means that although the price in pounds of your house stays the same, if you sold it you could buy less with the money. Your purchasing power lessens. You have been shafted as a population. Politicians love it though because like the frog you don't see yourself being slowly boiled and they get to throw money at every problem that comes along and act like Santa. It's like quick sand - a slow but inevitable death.

The more money they print (quantative easing) the more investors get worried about the value of the currency. Countries (in their sovereign wealth funds) own trillions in currencies as do large investment companies. If they sense that money is being printed willy-nilly and so losing value they sell and buy gold and silver.

So, to prevent investors selling paper money (which would cause a massive drop in the value of any currency) and buying gold and silver we now have a situation where governments and merchant banks are manipulating gold and silver prices. They do this by selling the same ounce of gold and silver many times over. Now you can maybe sell the same ounce of silver ten times over because not everyone is going to ask for physical delivery. However, it has now been admitted that for every ounce of silver that exists 100 ounces have been sold.

Still with me? Ok, when international speculators find out many will simply sell all their paper money and buy silver. This will cause the paper money to nosedive and silver to skyrocket as the truth emerges. People will scramble for delivery and there will be no silver left. There will be a realisation that the value of paper money has been held up by fraudulantly holding down the price of silver. There will be a rush to gold and silver and out of paper money and very suddenly. This is why the media is afraid to go public with the story. There will be a lot of angry silver investors which includes governments, local governments, banks, investors, citizens etc.

Back to Andrew Maguire. As a London silver trader he has known that the silver market was rigged for a long time and knows how it works in fine detail. He communicated this to the organisation which is supposed to regulate the silver market, the CFTC. He told them in advance how on a specific day the market price of silver would go up and down and by how much with pinpoint accuracy. They've since tried to shut him up.

Why? The Treasury and the Federal Reserve are terrified that the dollar/pound will collapse. They have been manipulating the gold and silver markets so that they can keep printing paper money. They've done this in collusion with merchant banks and in this case, our old friend, JP Morgan. If the fraud is uncovered it is not difficult to see the fall of governments, collapse of economies, inability to continue paying for wars, runs on currencies etc.

The story is out there now. The mainstream media is avoiding going public for fear of the financial consequences and have been warned off. Interviews were had and have now been pulled. However international investors/speculators will have this story, it is going round the net, and they'll be sniffing around like dogs on heat.

It will be clear that if governments have suppressed silver prices, they've suppressed gold prices too. Recently many countries have bought hundreds of tons of gold and silver. Hong Kong has discovered that many of their gold bars, recently delivered, are gold-plated tungsten. If true and the US and UK have been delivering counterfeit gold then both countries will enter the category of dangerous, rogue states.

Not long ago Gordon Brown sold half of Britain's gold at the lowest price in decades. This issue is now called 'Brown's Bottom' in the financial community. The investigation into Brown's Bottom has been thwarted for several years now. Why? I think we are about to find out.

When a currency collapses the informed citizen can protect him/herself!

They're calling it the biggest fraud in history. Andrew Maguire may well be the Silver Bullet.

To hear an interview with Andrew Maguire yesterday on King World News click here.


Update on the Silver Bullet's well being:

As reported by Adrian Douglas, the Director of GATA who has been the contact for Mr. Andrew T. Maguire, and on the GATA website

"On March 25th at the CFTC Public Hearing on Precious Metals GATA made a dramatic revelation of a whistleblower source, Andrew Maguire, who has first hand evidence of gold and silver market manipulation by JPMorganChase, and who had tipped off the CFTC in advance of manipulation in gold and silver some months ago.

On March 26th while out shopping with his wife in the London area, Mr. Maguire's car was hit by a car careening out of a side road. The driver of the vehicle then tried to escape.

When a pedestrian eye-witness attempted to block the driver's escape he accelerated at him and would have hit him had the pedestrian not jumped out of the way. The car then hit two other cars in escaping. The driver was apprehended by the police after police helicopters were used in a high speed chase.

Andrew and his wife were hospitalized with minor injuries. They were discharged from hospital today and should make a full recovery."


Update. Today's interview on Gold/Silver price manipulation on King World News here.


subrosa said...

Alex, you've now explained something which has niggled me for ages. I overheard someone speak about this at the back end of the year but I didn't like to show my ignorance by asking for an explanation.

Thanks, you've cleared up my confusion. This is something well worth spreading around. I'll do my best to promote it my end.

Alex Porter said...

Thanks Rosie.

Like you say, a lot of the financial stuff is wrapped up in jargon. I try to translate it into normal speak as far as I can..

Yeh, the problem has been that there has been speculation for years about gold price manipulation but no whistle-blowers usually because the trading community is small and the traders benefit. This guy has bravely come out to tell the story. And what a story it is too!

Bob said...

Interesting Alex. The fiat currency system used to have the same problem of 'what if everyone asks for their money back at the same time' but that's no longer an issue with the government now owning the banks. They would just fire up the printing presses if that happened.
I wonder if they would try smelting fake gold and silver if everyone wanted their precious metals back. It sounds like they've started it with the fake gold going around.

Alex Porter said...

Good point Bob.

The problem is that international investors now know for sure that silver contracts have been sold 'naked' meaning without any physical silver. That is an unexploded bomb and someone's just stood on it.

And when a paper money currency collapses that takes down bonds and derivatives with it - all worthless pieces of paper because if you sell them on the market the money you get has no value.

The only place for all that wealth is to go into gold and silver for protection. You could see gold and silver only by using the hubble space telescope..

If there is a lot of counterfeit gold out there governments and people will go crazy about it and demand real gold compensation. If it causes crises in governments public finances you could see threats and quick changes in geo-political alliances etc.

It'll also push the price even higher i imagine

cynicalHighlander said...

Brown's Bottom!

Jim said...

Alex, I wonder if that's why Gordon gave away our gold so cheaply. He knew it was fake. That would be a more exciting story than he was just hopeless.

Someone has just mentioned this silver story on the house crash site

You often get good comments there so it's worth checking them out if you haven't done so.