Monday, March 22, 2010

Labour Lobby Dossers

No sooner do I do an entry on Blair's own personal corruption and his motivations for forcing Britain into war than a whole raft of ex Labour ministers are exposed as corrupt.

Demand for probe after MPs caught in TV sting

Being a shameless Labour pamphlet we've come to expect The Herald putting a protective spin on Labour corruption and they don't let us down today. The story is couched in terms of a problem with procedures and with MPs generally and even tries to distance the current government from 'ex-ministers' as though Brown wasn't their colleague! What is a story about the moral collapse of the Labour Party and the very nature of New Labour is dressed up as a generic problem in politics. No screaming headlines with the word 'Labour' the way they do with so-called SNP stories..

During the previous LobbyGate affair Derek Draper took the flak and made out that he his claims of access were hyperbole and the press bought the line. The truth was government policy was being influenced in return for money, other rewards donations to the party and individual election funds for politicians.

Now Stephen Byers is trying the same spin. Britain's media must investigate the real crimes of corruption at the highest level of government. Blair is now a multi-millionaire making vast fortunes out of the Iraq war. The people are entitled to know what is happening to their democracy.

Does government offer power plants, rail franchises and environmental waivers in return for campaign finance and directorships? Is this what New Labour is?

I think we need to know!


subrosa said...

You took the words out of my mouth Alex. I'm not going to post about this. You've done it so much better. :)

Alex said...


However I think you should write about it. You're blog is among the most important and popular in Scottish political blogs and beyond..

Bob said...

It's about time there was a probe into the Scottish media aswell. It's anti democratic for them to all sing from the same hymn sheet.
The Drum covers The Herald quite well.