Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recovery? Get Over It

It's fragile, it gets threatened, people work towards it, they have international meetings about it and yet it doesn't exist. It's R E C O V E R Y.

Let's imagine that going back to where we were economically a few years ago (recovery) is a good idea. Total nonsense but people like being conned with nonsense apparently.

Can we just not pretend though that bail-outs and free money (printed and given to banks by Gordon Brown) is nothing to do with 'growth' figures. We are told we are out of 'recession' because we have positive growth in the economy. Eh? Is that nothing to do with all that money getting pumped in? Without it the negative growth figures would be huge. So please don't bleat about recovery because when all the free money stops getting pumped the false economy it props up is going to collapse.

And how many jobs is it propping up? What is the real economy doing? Difficult to tell when GDP, unemployment and inflation figures are all manipulated. Some good indicators are out there though.

In today's Herald:

22,000 Scots firms struggle as debt threatens recovery

Credit to The Herald's Ellen Thomas for this article. She gets straight to the point in her reporting on the Begbies Traynor Red Flag report:

The grim picture is contained in a report that warns of the risks to economic recovery from a £55 billion burden of debt being carried by thousands of struggling companies in the UK.

Public and private debt amounts to 450% of Britain's GDP. A GDP figure which is artificially exagerrated anyway. People, that's Iceland territory. During the debate when his opponents had a pop at Salmond's 'Arc of Insolvency' he should have retorted that Britain is insolvent too and so his 'Arc' is still a preferable option, for Scotland, to banktupt Britain!

Ofcourse politicians seldom talk sense on the economy. It's all about soundbites. This Herald article perpetuates the myth and it is pervasive across the media. A real debate is not to be had on the economy.

Threatens recovery? What recovery? They've been talking about it for 2 years now and everyone is still duped into believing it. There isn't going to be one - got it yet?

The economic modal we had before has failed. It is history and it is not coming back E V E R. Trying to 'recover' is destroying what's left of the productive economy. The 'solution' IS the problem.

A proper debate must be had for the solution is driving Britain into bankruptcy and collapse. We are in a state of collective insanity. An economic theology is ripping us to pieces. When will common sense take root? The problem is too much debt so how in the name of the wee man can borrowing more money solve that? It's pure lunacy. And the debts continue to mount up. To prop up bubbles in the economy we are taking money from consumers and productive companies. That is killing the latter and when the subsidies dry up will kill the former. That's why they talk about growth while more people join the dole queues and businesses go under.

Will you pleeeeease stop listening to the fools that got us into this mess when they tell you they have the answer to get us out of it. Such monumental failure would be punished in a company or even a school but in banks and government we say "yeeeeeh, we want more - he's got the answers, he's been in power long enough, he should know!"

Can we please have an intelligent debate on the economy? Starting with whether we want a 'recovery' and if not, what do we want?

I'm tired of reading and listening to garbage passing off as political debate. Does anyone else out there want sense?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cameron's Beef

When your oil has been subsidising the South for decades the last thing you need is to be painted as a scrounger. That's why Cameron's latest announcement of Scotland being 'bloated' with public services is:

As is now clear, oil paid for the Thatcher 'revolution' and underwrote the massive expansion of The City. It turns out the latter has imploded because it is riddled with fraud and would be entirely bust without bail-outs.

So, when you get stories with headlines like:

Cameron’s axe to fall on ‘bloated’ regions

It does start to get on one's nerves a tad.

Foreign investors lend the UK money based on future UK income from oil. That borrowed money is thrown at the economy and the resultant earnings are called GDP. It isn't GDP generated by private sector activity, it is 'GDP' derived from borrowed money i.e. it has to be paid back and at interest. On top of that money is lent to London for free at almost 0% interest rates. They take that money, leverage it up dozens of times and speculate with it. If they lose, the taxpayer guarantees it and if they win they keep the profits. Another scam that slowly destroys the UK economy. However it was all paid for by the taxpayer and crucially with North Sea oil income. Yet any benefits go South including the consequent service sector. The banks are bust but bankers go swanning around like nothing ever changed...

The South became flush based on oil and then City fraud which the rest of Britain has to now pay for.

Now David Cameron wants to impress his constituency in the South by being tough on the 'bloated' North. Excuse me but without hand-outs from Scotland especially but other parts of Britain the South would have crashed and burned long ago. It thrives on the labour and resources of others and has the cheek then to see its own false prosperity as subsidising the rest of us. That really is annoying and really should challenge the patience of the rest of us particularly Scotland.

Why do they get away with it? Well, labour has tried to impress the South too. Labour in Scotland have peddled the impoverished Scots myth for generations to serve their own purposes. Most of the media runs stories which are London-centric and Scotland's media are craven followers given their cosy relationship with the London parties.

I do agree that the public sector has become extremely bloated. As Thomas Jefferson said: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." It is about to. All the debt which went to bail-out London will have to be paid for by everyone else and over several generations.

So, if we are to start a cull of the subsidised economy it has to start with London; the biggest and most bloated part of Britain by a monumental distance. It is parasitic and holds down everyone else resulting in generations of poverty and emigration.

The expansion of debt means that government, business and people can no longer borrow and no longer have the desire too. Credit expansion has reached its limit. The solution by parties, media, corporate economists and even bloggers is to solve the problem of too much credit expansion by borrowing more money. It's a foolish mantra and it is destroying the UK economy. They talk of 'recession' and 'recovery' - we have neither. We have a block in the system - a system failure. Private sector activity is declining rapidly as the government throws money at the financial sector which can't be sustained. We can never go back to where we were and that delusion is costing Britain not just its economy but civil rights and democracy itself.

Scotland must cut itself free from bloated London. London is not a great global centre of finance. It is a global centre of fraud and the world has lost trust in it. There is nothing left in Britain to keep spending in order to maintain this myth.

We go down with bloated London or we do things our own way with what's left of the oil to finance that journey.

That's the only real choice facing Scots. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's No Recovery!

You can fool some of the people all of the time. Yes 'Recovery' is one of those words that do it.

Some 'political' blogs will take for granted what they read in the mainstream media. 'Recovery' is one con game that takes in those who don't really do politics beyond seeing it as a kind of video game.

Ok, let's explain it all again another way. Imagine you run a small company making €1 million per year. Your sales go down €300, 000 meaning turnover this year is €700, 000. You can't pay the staff and you are going out of business fast. You borrow €350, ooo from the bank. You add what you borrowed to your reduced turnover and now you have €1,050, 000. The you go round telling everyone that your turnover has increased.

The government has done that. If Gordon Brown borrows and prints more money then that will go through the economy and it will look like growth but it's not. They borrow money and add it to earnings and call it GDP. Then they say they are out of recession and the media apes the word recovery just in time for the election - nice. The private economy is not 'recovering', there is simply more 'new' money going through the system. When he can't borrow or print anymore you'll realise that Britain has had no real economic growth for decades. Only debt and now no-one is going to lend to Britain any longer.

Recovery? This means going back to the way things were in 2007. The problem is that that economy was fraudulant and was made to look good by the government spending on its credit card. Who in their right minds want to go back to that modal? Why would anyone want to 'recover'? That modal destroyed Britain's industrail base, bankrupted and corrupted the state, impoverished and indebted millions and the media screams 'recovery'?

Does anyone out there have a political brain in their heads at all? Don't believe the circus. The corporate media, the bankers and the politicians will impoverish you and put you into more debt. Is that what you want? If not then you have to kick up a stink now. The media narrative is absolute nonsense. No real policies will be decided by this election because of the soporific effects of trash tabloid gutter party policies.

Do not be distracted. The real issues are war and economy. 'If you listen to their lying, they'll con you into dying'.

The Election is a Charade!

Received wisdom tells us that we should all vote. Most of us do. Many feel they have to exercise their democratic right! The problem is that these people don't think the parties that they vote for are democratic at all. In the States the vast majority (into the 90s%) of voters believe both the Republicans and the Democrats are a dangerous threat to their democratic republic. So why vote for them?

The veneer of choice? In communist countries you could vote but there was only one party. In the UK, you can vote but there is only two heads of the same party. It is clear that big business control both parties and they are indecipherable where it counts. Brits, like Americans like to believe they have democratic choices so they are given the charade of choice. The parties serve the same master and so you have a corporate party with 2 wings. The London system is completely corrupt and that's why we've seen decades of pretending to clean up politics. They won't!

British elections can't offer real choices and so you have to face a circus of meaningless policies. Tabloid driven nonsense like binge-drinking, ASBOs, and all the things that neighbours like to complain about - no substance though.

The Lib Dems are not so umbilically linked to big business and have some meaningul choices. People feel that finally they have some kind of choice but that won't be allowed to happen. Today The Telegraph leads with a convenient exposé of a corrupt Nick Clegg:

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private bank account.

Was he set up? Always useful to have something on a man just in case the corporate party falls by the way side and the people feel powerful again. Some will tell you The Telegraph is MI5, I couldn't possibly comment. Clearly though, the LibDems will have to have a 'prawn-cocktail' offensive ala John Smith before they'll get a sniff of power.. The dogs have been let loose and the yellow party will be back where they were a few weeks ago.

Elections are painful to watch. Political anoraks pouring over mountains of irrelevant data, two parties fighting over the chance to serve their corporate patrons and millions of people, tired of spin going out to do their part in pretending that they are participating in democracy.

There's no real debate about economics or war. Just spin about recovery and garbage about security and terrorism. The debate is entirely framed to comfort the elite corporate class who are the ones who will decide which of their lacky politicians will best suit their needs. If the people get in the way there is a huge armoury of weapons that can beat them into submission. The people are not the masters - they are merely bank serfs now. And even if you look at alternative media many blogs just rehash nonsense from the corporate press.

The system can be challenged in Scotland via independence. The problem is that the SNP are naive. They don't really understand the game they are playing. They have been lured into the corporate politics game of New Labour and Tony Blairitis. Cheap tacky policies are presented and the substance dropped. And if only they understood that the economy is in systemic failure rather than 'recession' they could do a lot of damage but they are managers of devolution and unwitting panderers to the corporate elite. Jim Sillars is right, the SNP leadership need to start taking politics seriously.

So, enjoy the circus. Here in sunny Spain I don't get saturation coverage but I've smelled enough to know that it's all bull.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Election: Send the Debt Back to Brown and his banking buddies!

The Economy didn't crash by itself. The financial collapse was the result of fraud. So, please - no more nonsense about it having no known cause and that politicians should talk only about the solution. I do not want those who were complicit in theft from the taxpayer to the tune of trillions of pounds, euros, dollars and so on, to be re-elected. Neither do I want those who will not investigate and bring the perpertrators to justice elected either!

The video below explains very eloquently why the financial crisis happened. It is not a 'recession', it is a system collapse caused by an epidemic of fraud. This fraud was facilitated primarily by Gordon Brown. You see the City of London is the epicentre of the (derivatives) fraud which is killing home owners, taxpayers and those with pensions in Britain and local governments and governments like Iceland, Latvia, Ireland, Greece and soon Portugal and Britain. Having colluded to commit their crimes the British government and banks wrote and passed legislation to cover it up and then rewarded the bank's fraudulant efforts with taxpayers money. Can we find out how much money from the banks went to Brown's and his friends' political funds? Or the Labour Party? Britain looked like a global player and it was all down to fraud. London sold fraudulant derivatives all round the world as well as to British pension funds and other investors. The money was so massive that it is inconceivable that Brown didn't know about it. Indeed, Brown changed the rules that allowed it to pass unimpeded..

When the investigations start (and the have) bankers will have their sentences reduced if they provide information on other bankers. The whole stinking system will come crashing down. Those politicians who provided cover to the bankers will then be caught out.

During the election do not ask how we are going to get out of the crisis. That can't happen until investigations begin and that can't happen unless you ask how the crisis started. That's the real question and the video below explains that very effectively and simply. Watch and then send an email to MPs with the link demanding answers about Britain's banks, The City, regulators and the politicians involved. Tell politicians that you want answers! If not, your grandchildren will be ladened with hundreds of thousands of pounds of debts. Debts caused by corrupt bankers and politicians and debts which should now be repudiated.

Get the debt repudiated or live like bank serfs - that's you choice!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Scotland is Viable, Britain is Not!


The chart below is from the US Federal Reserve. The blue line is US borrowing and the red line is actual US GDP and the green line is blue added to red (nominal GDP)

Over the years there's been recessions and crashes but as you can see nothing quite like what we are seeing now. What this chart shows is that the US is now in a depression.

Britain has the same problems that the US has except Britain does not have the world's reserve currency.

Britain like the US is holding up GDP by borrowing and robbing its own population. You see that red line? It's not going to go back up. That red line is a real decline in the private economy which is not going to come back. The blue line will have to continue to increase to balance the budget. The red line means jobs to the real economy are being lost and the blue line means people who are losing income are going to have to take on more debt via the government meaning more taxes..

Why are things so bad? Drug dealers? Immigrants? Social security fraud? No. That's small change. The big costs are bank bail-outs, wars, money printing (quantative easing), trident and so on.

Come the election ask yourself which party will save the economy. Which party will stop involvement in wars, spending on nuclear weapons, stop bail-outs and money printing. For me the SNP come out on top as far as Scotland is concerned. Sure, we have to ask what they will do about banks post-independence but lets face it oil will be our big bail-out giving us a post-independence soft landing. As for the London parties? Both will plunge Britain into irreversible economic decline.

The political class in London is incapable of solving the ever deepening economic problems faced by Britain. With independence Scotland has a clear opportunity to emerge healthily.

Scotland unlike Britain PLC is viable.

US Military Slaughtering Iraqis: Video Leaked

The War Obama wants you to forget about: Iraq.

A classified US military video shows the indiscriminate slaughter of a group of over 12 people in a Baghdad suburb. The group includes 2 Reuters staff and wounded children. Reuters has been trying to have this video released since the attack without success. Thanks to www.wikileaks.org the leaked video is now circulating the internet.


Update: Anyone wishing to follow this story should link to http://collateralmurder.com/

Sunday, April 4, 2010

SNP and the Passport to Independence

The usual scare the grannies tactics now get wheeled out by the unionist establishment:

Minister says SNP independence policy would mean passports to get to England

And the story is elevated to headline screaming importance by the Scotland on Sunday. And yes, senior union propagandist Eddie Barnes is the 'journalist'. If ever proof where required that The Scotsman and her sister paper have been reduced to tabloid propaganda, this would be just yet one more example.

The story is so obviously made up that I wonder why they even bother to pretend its a real story. They are so used to this kind of drivel that they don't really even bother to try and dress it up with a story that is remotely believable. It goes like this: there's an election on, one Labour member writes to another speculating that Scots would need passports to get to England and their unionist buddies turn it into a sensational headline. Simple, terrorise some old grannies in Tory target seats and job well done lads. Nothing could be more obvious. Yet this nonsense is the kind of trick the once mighty Scotsman gets up to? Any wonder their circulation is plummeting?

As for the SNP, the answer is easy. With Britain now bankrupt Scots may not be able to leave the UK even with a passport. With the pound teetering, with Britain in a worse fiscal shape than Greece, with default on the national debt imminent, with the bond market on the verge of collapse, who's to say that Scots will be able to afford to travel to visit their aunty in Middlesborough?

And what happens when they impose capital controls to stop money getting out of Britain when default on national debt sparks capital flight? Will anyone be able to afford a holiday abroad, get their money out so they can relocate to a real country or even be able to trade with outsiders with their monopoly money?

The SNP have to start pointing these outcomes out. The unionists are going to try and scare Scots with fantasy scare stories and the nationalists have the advantage of being able to scare people about the union with probable scare stories. The boot should be getting in. We know what unionist politics is like and it works to some extent. Nationalists offer a positive solution but you gotta start pointing out that it's a preferable solution!

Britain is bankrupt and that's the SNP's and Scotland's passport to independence!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Captains of What Industry?

Got to give 'Mad Dog' Maddox some cred for this article:

Scots captains of industry join outcry over 'jobs tax'

Although you can't help but think his Tory loyalties are on parade given there's an election afoot.

This is about Brown's plans to increase national insurance contributions. Two things spring to mind about this: Will the supposed government income from this not simply go to repay the national debt Labour has got us into thanks to the banker bail-outs? Britain needs to increase its manufacturing base drastically, how is taxing workers and business going to encourage that?

There seems to be a widespread focus on what to do about the financial crisis and nothing about what has and is causing it.

Firstly, low interest rates encouraged speculation and has landed us all in debt; government and citizenry - thanks Gordon. By taxing industry and letting the finance sector get rich quick Gordon has finished the job started by the Tories of making other countries' companies more competative than Britain's and so manufacturing jobs have went overseas - thanks Gordon. The bail-outs for the banks and the money printing Gordon has indulged in has deepened the crisis Britain is in hugely. That is why he has a budget deficit.

If you want to fix the problem don't let those who caused it get the chance to deepen it by trying to cover up. Brown is sorely deluded that the finance sector will be back to where it was a few years ago and Britain will 'recover'. The situation the finance sector was in a few years ago caused the crisis and now Brown thinks that spending trillions of citizens' money to bring back a fraudulant, destructive system is a good idea. He's mad.

Is it not ironic that Labour sold out the manufacturing base to enrich the fatcat financiers? Is that not selling your soul? Was the point of New Labour to do what the Tories couldn't get away with?

And let's hear what our captains of industry have to say. First, Jim McColl, the chief executive of Clyde Blowers, which has an annual turnover of £1.2 billion, said:

The government should be trying to stimulate businesses and the economy, and that is how we are going to get out of this economic downturn.

In my view, we should not be taxing more, but cutting waste in the public sector now. I believe it is more than possible to cut backroom waste without hitting front-line services.

Deary me Jim, the problem was started because of government stimulating the economy. Those low interest rates remember? Then to make things worse the bail-outs and the money printing (quantative easing). When governments stimulate the economy you end up with the misallocation of capital and so you get bubbles. This means jobs are created which have no value to the economy and taxpayers and businesses have to pay for these bubbles meaning a loss to the rational, productive, valuable economy. The way to get out of the 'economic downturn' is for government to leave it alone and let the corrections take place. That way you save money and get into less debt. Do our 'captains of industry' really want to beg for some welfare hand-outs? Is this business or crony capitalism he's arguing for?

Sir Tom Hunter gets a little closer:

If businesses are going to lead the country out of recession they need to be allowed to expand and employ more people.

This is generally speaking true but I think Tom misunderstands what's causing the financial crisis. The financial sector is bleeding the economy dry. Until that changes nothing will get Scotland or Britain out of the hole. Business will not be able to expand and more taxes will inevitably come. You've got to starting hitting the target boys.

Another Sir Tom, Farmer says:

Increasing National Insurance costs will be a major factor which will make people wonder about their head counts.

Yeh? And what about the consumers Tom? They're broke thanks to debt; theirs and their governments. You're gonnie be laying people off and the real cause is low interest rates, bail-outs, money printing and in short crony capitalism. I hardly think a hike in national insurance compares to those sins.

Yet another 'business' article where the journo and his sources haven't got a clue. Any businessman would take a hand-out from the government but these guys are supposed to be hard-nosed capitalists. They should be demanding a level playing field and market interest rates to get on with doing business instead of sniffing round the public sector trough.

Then in pipes Willie Haughey, of City Refrigeration:

None of us like paying extra taxes, but those who want to reverse the increase need to show where the money comes from.

A laudable attempt at being responsible. However anyone with half a brain has the answer: Stop giving taxpayers' money to the financial sector and then you won't have to tax jobs and industry.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had 'captains of industry' who understood even the rudiments of economics?

As businessmen the Sir Toms and the other gentlemen have to be respected. True leaders though would know where the economic problems are and take aim. In the debate we have over the economy there is practically nothing of interest coming from the business world, the political world or the media world. Junk economics seems still to be the mantra. Crony capitalism continues unquestioned and ensures that the systemic collapse we are suffering does even more damage before anything sensible can emerge to replace it.

During the enlightenment, when businessmen understood philosophy, economics and other disciplines, we had men of serious standing in our national life epitomised by Adam Smith (above) who was as comfortable socialising with merchants as he was academics. Now, it seems, we have cleverish children of Thatcher.

Mad Dog's article still had to serve up one last morsel. This in regards to Labour's reaction to the opinion of these businessmen:

Scottish Labour last night suggested that at least three of their critics – Sir Tom Farmer, Sir Tom Hunter and Jim McColl – were SNP supporters.

Isn't it admitting the obvious when you have to acknowledge that Scotland's top entrepreneurs are Scottish nationalists? It must really rankle. What a puerile gaggle Scottish Labour are.

Make no mistake. Britain's banks are still insolvent and they'll be back for more bail-outs. They're still selling fraudulant derivatives and speculating wildly in the knowledge that when they lose they'll have the taxpayer behind them.

Brown is driving Britain into the ground. Business must acknowledge that modern economics has been undone. Debt is not capital. You can't have capitalism without capital. We need savings to increase manufacturing and that will only happen when interest rates increase. Don't expect government to increase interest rates given the debt the nation is in. Unless you speak up now Brown and his cronies will destroy Britain's economy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Emperor Obama: CIA War Propaganda Coming To Your Nation!

A leaked confidential CIA document is available entitled: 'Afghanistan: Sustaining West European Support for the NATO-led Mission-Why Counting on Apathy Might Not Be Enough.'

So, counting on apathy is a policy? No secret but interesting to see them acknowledge it. And remember that presidents need a war to define them. Bush's was Iraq so Obama's really had to be Afghanistan. Neither will be won and both will go on for many more years than Obama will tell you but it is a defining war much the same way as every emperor of Rome needed one.

Which partly explains the existence of this document.

Yes, the CIA produce analysis regarding how to keep the citizens of Western Europe supportive of the war in Afghanistan. In France the sympathy for Afghan refugees and women should be exploited. In Germany the consequences of defeat relating to increased refugees, drugs, terrorism and Germany's standing in NATO are pressure points.

What in the name of the wee man is the CIA doing plotting pro-war propaganda for other countries? What do these nations have to say about this. Manipulating foreign populations into supporting wars? This is a diplomatic outrage.

Thank goodness for www.wikileaks.org/ for this information. Naturally, the US authorities want wikileaks closed down and are branding it a terrorist organisation etc. It is a fantastic resource for leaked classified US government info.

See the full CIA document here.

To Rob A Country, Own A Bank

I thought that this was such a great interview that I would share it with you. It concisely explains what's wrong with the system and what needs to be done to change it.

Courtesy of Real News Network: