Sunday, April 4, 2010

SNP and the Passport to Independence

The usual scare the grannies tactics now get wheeled out by the unionist establishment:

Minister says SNP independence policy would mean passports to get to England

And the story is elevated to headline screaming importance by the Scotland on Sunday. And yes, senior union propagandist Eddie Barnes is the 'journalist'. If ever proof where required that The Scotsman and her sister paper have been reduced to tabloid propaganda, this would be just yet one more example.

The story is so obviously made up that I wonder why they even bother to pretend its a real story. They are so used to this kind of drivel that they don't really even bother to try and dress it up with a story that is remotely believable. It goes like this: there's an election on, one Labour member writes to another speculating that Scots would need passports to get to England and their unionist buddies turn it into a sensational headline. Simple, terrorise some old grannies in Tory target seats and job well done lads. Nothing could be more obvious. Yet this nonsense is the kind of trick the once mighty Scotsman gets up to? Any wonder their circulation is plummeting?

As for the SNP, the answer is easy. With Britain now bankrupt Scots may not be able to leave the UK even with a passport. With the pound teetering, with Britain in a worse fiscal shape than Greece, with default on the national debt imminent, with the bond market on the verge of collapse, who's to say that Scots will be able to afford to travel to visit their aunty in Middlesborough?

And what happens when they impose capital controls to stop money getting out of Britain when default on national debt sparks capital flight? Will anyone be able to afford a holiday abroad, get their money out so they can relocate to a real country or even be able to trade with outsiders with their monopoly money?

The SNP have to start pointing these outcomes out. The unionists are going to try and scare Scots with fantasy scare stories and the nationalists have the advantage of being able to scare people about the union with probable scare stories. The boot should be getting in. We know what unionist politics is like and it works to some extent. Nationalists offer a positive solution but you gotta start pointing out that it's a preferable solution!

Britain is bankrupt and that's the SNP's and Scotland's passport to independence!

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