Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Election: Send the Debt Back to Brown and his banking buddies!

The Economy didn't crash by itself. The financial collapse was the result of fraud. So, please - no more nonsense about it having no known cause and that politicians should talk only about the solution. I do not want those who were complicit in theft from the taxpayer to the tune of trillions of pounds, euros, dollars and so on, to be re-elected. Neither do I want those who will not investigate and bring the perpertrators to justice elected either!

The video below explains very eloquently why the financial crisis happened. It is not a 'recession', it is a system collapse caused by an epidemic of fraud. This fraud was facilitated primarily by Gordon Brown. You see the City of London is the epicentre of the (derivatives) fraud which is killing home owners, taxpayers and those with pensions in Britain and local governments and governments like Iceland, Latvia, Ireland, Greece and soon Portugal and Britain. Having colluded to commit their crimes the British government and banks wrote and passed legislation to cover it up and then rewarded the bank's fraudulant efforts with taxpayers money. Can we find out how much money from the banks went to Brown's and his friends' political funds? Or the Labour Party? Britain looked like a global player and it was all down to fraud. London sold fraudulant derivatives all round the world as well as to British pension funds and other investors. The money was so massive that it is inconceivable that Brown didn't know about it. Indeed, Brown changed the rules that allowed it to pass unimpeded..

When the investigations start (and the have) bankers will have their sentences reduced if they provide information on other bankers. The whole stinking system will come crashing down. Those politicians who provided cover to the bankers will then be caught out.

During the election do not ask how we are going to get out of the crisis. That can't happen until investigations begin and that can't happen unless you ask how the crisis started. That's the real question and the video below explains that very effectively and simply. Watch and then send an email to MPs with the link demanding answers about Britain's banks, The City, regulators and the politicians involved. Tell politicians that you want answers! If not, your grandchildren will be ladened with hundreds of thousands of pounds of debts. Debts caused by corrupt bankers and politicians and debts which should now be repudiated.

Get the debt repudiated or live like bank serfs - that's you choice!

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