Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's No Recovery!

You can fool some of the people all of the time. Yes 'Recovery' is one of those words that do it.

Some 'political' blogs will take for granted what they read in the mainstream media. 'Recovery' is one con game that takes in those who don't really do politics beyond seeing it as a kind of video game.

Ok, let's explain it all again another way. Imagine you run a small company making €1 million per year. Your sales go down €300, 000 meaning turnover this year is €700, 000. You can't pay the staff and you are going out of business fast. You borrow €350, ooo from the bank. You add what you borrowed to your reduced turnover and now you have €1,050, 000. The you go round telling everyone that your turnover has increased.

The government has done that. If Gordon Brown borrows and prints more money then that will go through the economy and it will look like growth but it's not. They borrow money and add it to earnings and call it GDP. Then they say they are out of recession and the media apes the word recovery just in time for the election - nice. The private economy is not 'recovering', there is simply more 'new' money going through the system. When he can't borrow or print anymore you'll realise that Britain has had no real economic growth for decades. Only debt and now no-one is going to lend to Britain any longer.

Recovery? This means going back to the way things were in 2007. The problem is that that economy was fraudulant and was made to look good by the government spending on its credit card. Who in their right minds want to go back to that modal? Why would anyone want to 'recover'? That modal destroyed Britain's industrail base, bankrupted and corrupted the state, impoverished and indebted millions and the media screams 'recovery'?

Does anyone out there have a political brain in their heads at all? Don't believe the circus. The corporate media, the bankers and the politicians will impoverish you and put you into more debt. Is that what you want? If not then you have to kick up a stink now. The media narrative is absolute nonsense. No real policies will be decided by this election because of the soporific effects of trash tabloid gutter party policies.

Do not be distracted. The real issues are war and economy. 'If you listen to their lying, they'll con you into dying'.

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