Monday, December 7, 2009

Royal Bankers' Robbery of Scotland

While Das Herald Sturmer (DHS) continues its party duties by dissing 'Independence' in the world of real news we hear that the RBS has shed over a 1, 000 bankers because of the bonuses row.

Brown is up to his neck in it which is why DHS isn't reporting on the story. The Sunday Times reported that around 5% of merchant (b)ankers in the bank's Global Banking and Market Division have left because their fraudulant snouts have been wrenched out of the taxpayer trough.

Commenting on this story Here Is The City News complains that these banksters brought in $1.16bn in revenues last year. Eh, was that when Brown and the Bank of England was giving it free taxpayers money to speculate with? Sorry quantative easing?

Give the taxpayer a bonus and try the lot of them in a criminal court. These greedy swines have robbed the taxpayer blind and now demand to get a bonus for empoverishing the population. How many fraudulant derivatives did they sell to other banks which does nothing for the economy? I think we need to know.

And then RBS threaten to destroy the bank and throw the financial system into chaos if they don't get their bonuses? They should be stripped of their assets and thrown in prison. How many families are suffering because of these financial terrorists? How many kids going hungry? How many jobs gone from the real economy? How many pesnsions lost? Savings wiped out?

And remember when you hear those fighting words from Brown and Darling about the bonus culture - it was them that created it. They still give these bankers free money to gamble with. These banks are still insolvent and they'll be back for more money or they'll threaten to blow up the economy again.

Don't just let them migrate, drive them out. They are parasites!

It is the same in the other banks and in other countries. Let them rob them if they're so stupid to let them away with it. We should let them die and start again.

The banksters control Obama and through influence controlled Blair and now Brown. These politicians are the playthings of the banksters. It is increasingly clear that people must find a way to take matters into their own hands for the Westminster system has been hijacked bythe big money-men. Drastic action must be taken. I don't know what but if don't repudiate debt these banks will hold us in debt serfdom for generations.

See this Telegraph article which comments on a Treasury Report:

Pre-Budget report: UK ‘faces decades of debt’, warns Treasury

To fight this banker flu virus we need independence. Only that will give Scotland the power to save the economy and jobs! We are sleepwalking into a total economic nightmare. Where is the national leadership? The people are getting angry, where are the leaders who care enough about the people to fight the wholesale robbery of the taxpayer and the oil receipts? I hope not trying to ingraciate themselves with banking buddies..


Quinie fae Angus said...

Hi Alex. An extremely well-researched and interesting blog.

Look forward to having a bit more time to peruse your older articles too.

You have an ally in persuading me that we must go for independence now, with gusto, rather than take the softly softly approach. I went to Outlander's blog and his post about how we are all being monitored by the state because they don't like what we are doing (i.e. "outing" the British State!!), makes the hackles rise, big time.

It's well worth a read when you get the time.

That, coming on top of your other arguments to me earlier on the SNP Tactical Voting thread, have just about swung it for me.

I'll give it a couple more days, since I am aware that every new post I am directed to throws up a surprise of some sort.

I suppose I'm in the maelstrom of the fundamentalist/gradualist debate.

Getting there, getting there!

Make Money Fast said...
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Alex Porter said...

Thanks Quinie,
As you'll notice, I am not afraid of showing some anger. I think we need it because Britain really is horrible - I mean with wars and banksters out of control, cctv cameras - I mean there's no need for any of it. This all happens when you let corporate greed into government - it turns into fascism.

I'm not going to pander nicely and go along with trivialies in the media when people in other countries are being slaughtered in my name!

I want my blog to have some cohones. Only when you get a bit of fire do you realise just how repugnant our political life is.

I don't know if there is a fundamentalist v gradualist thing going on. When I was active in the party many moons ago I got scunnered with cliches and camps..

I went off to find my own nationalism. I came back with good old fashioned 'tell it like it is'. I'm not a child and I will not treat fellow Scots that way.

Scotland deserves more than the garbage that gets served up in the media as news. If they only knew the truth, independence would have been a forgone conclusion long ago.

We are lied to from history in schools to newspapers to government reports.A liberation movement should be about openess and honesty or it is not a liberation movement. We are citizens of Scotland not voting fodder..

Btw, what is Outlander's blog name?

Quinie fae Angus said...

Hi Alex

Don't know why I have been prevaricating so long, I know you are right on all these counts.

Anyway I will have to keep this short (unusual for me) as I am trying to write this on my Blackberry and it is proving very difficult.

OutLander is his blog name, it's just that I had spelled it wrong for you, sorry. There is a capital L as you can see, all one word. His actual blog is called Power and the Minions. Please, please go and look at his latest post re state monitoring, and also the lengthy comment thread below it! I think you'll find it very interesting indeed.

Look forward to further communications with you but just letting you know that I probably won't be able to reply till next week as I'm away tomorrow for a few days and will be offline.

Ta ta for now, and thanks.

Quinie fae Angus said...

You might also want to go to Iain Macwhirter's blog called Iain Macwhirter Now and Then. He has written an article on this very topic about the RBS banksters robbing us blind. Think you'll like that too, and the comments.

Underneath that one, if you look down he also wrote two interesting articles about the Scottish blogosphere. I suggest you read the bottom one first (can't remember what it's called now) and then read his later, related, post above, in that order! You'll see what I mean when you get there.

He's one of the few MSM journos, in my estimation, who is "getting it", and is touchingly honest about how he is getting his head round it too.

After that, you must go to J Arthur Macnumpty who has a great piece on everything just mentioned.

Sorry, Alex, I would make it easy for you by posting links but I'm only just learning how to do that and I can't manage on my BlackBerry anyway.

Happy reading.

Night night.

Alex Porter said...

Thanks Quinie,
I've read those blogs and put Outlanders on my list.

Not surprised. There's a company that made software which crawls twitter and looks for information. Guess what? The CIA bought shares in the company that bought the software..

I think we are all getting spied on. I mean, just like Orwell said, there'll be perpetual war and we'll be constantly watch. We are! Not just that but terrorised by flu epidemics and other weapons of mass distraction..

Further liberties are in danger. Now is not the time for tea and biscuits nationalism - there's a war on!

Quinie fae Angus said...

Cheers Alex

I am going to have to go away for a few days and do some "real life" stuff, but I'll be bac$ soon to carry on this amazing discussion.

You have awoken me from my own torpor; confirmed things I already suspected, and have fired me up!

Love your turn of phrase, by the way. "Weapons of mass distraction"; "tea and biscuits nationalism"...

Back soon, to resume.


Alex Porter said...

Love the passion. You're really eloquent too. Are you married;)

'Weapons of mass distraction' is an oldy and not mine. 'T and bikkies nationalism' I confess to.

You've got me thinking about the fundy v gradualist wings thing. I'm not sure if that really did exist. I can feel a blog coming on..

I'm sure you'd be a great blogger. Finding a voice and all that.. For me, it is about opening up the debate, thinking big, seeing ourselves in the wider world.

When you read a lot of blogs some are angrier than others but many tend to be a bit 'in the know' or fusty. I like to portray the debate in international terms and without worrying about local egos etc. Unless we have a debate about the wider world how can we think clearly about ourselves and our place in it?

The $ affects Scotland, the international price of oil too. It is part of the discussion about independence. These subjects have been seen as the kind of issue that Brown/London deals with. Scotland only has to think about swine flu, terror, murders and Holyrood investigations..

SO, I guess in my own blunt way I'm trying to knit together our debate on the future with wider realities. Exposing propaganda in the media is part of that too..

I've been lying low for a year or so, here in Madrid. In that time I've studied global economics on the blogs especially Stateside and have developed an attitude of speaking my mind - Scots aren't used to it. I want to bring that attitude and scope to the debate..

Right, real life time for me.