Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What British Economy?

The US has been stimulating, quantative easing and bailing out just like Britain. There's been green shoots everywhere and recoveries aplenty, right? If you listen to the corporate media!

As we know you can manipulate stats like GDP, inflation and unemployment and get placemen to spin it any way you want.

Then when figures that are solid and dependable come out they get ignored. Let's look at point of sale consumer technology purchases in the US:

This is from 2007 till now. Waow, just as well we've had all them stimulus packages eh? The economy is really picking up now. Of course, it was all lies. The money given to the banks was not about freeing the credit markets, it was about bankster largesse at taxpayers' expense.

Those who bought into the 'recovery' bull really do have to start having a word with yourselves. There aint gonnie be one. There will not be less debt in a couple of years. In Britain, the oil can't support The City any longer and Britain is heading South, big style. Those with half a clue know it. People like Jim Rogers, famous international investor, have been predicting the collapse of the pound and telling people to leave the UK for a brighter future.

I've been banging on about 'no recovery' for a long, long time now. Journos just bought the garbage about 'stimulus' as it were some universal mathematical truth. It has done nothing except impoverish taxpayers and destroy the real economy.

Darling is now saying that the 'recession' is worse than people knew. Eh, what people? I've been predicting depression for over a year. Believe me, we have seen nothing yet.

The debt levels in Britain are monstrous. Government debt now too. To switch the economy over to a manufacturing economy Britain needs high interest rates and savings. However, government has borrowed so much that if it puts up interest rates it won't be able to pay interest on its own debts. The money will have to come from taxes but from people whose debts will be slaughtering them with interest payments too. Brown will print and print and print..

We are swamped with propaganda. They print money and call it growth. There will be no growth and debt will continue to rise until we shut down the banks, raise interest rates and get productive again. Pain for generations and long after Gordon and Ally are gone..

Keep smoking them green shoots - escapism is the weapon of choice for the vast majority it would seem.


bob said...

I enjoyed listening to your radio interview but there wasn't much advice for regular folk apart from buying gold.
I can see a massive crash coming in the next year and was wondering what to do with my savings.
I've got a small pension, some savings and mortgage paid off.
I had some bonds but they lost 30% with the devaluation of the pound.

politicsscot said...


If you're right, I can see why nobody is being honest about this.

Imagine the effect on the public. They'd panic.

I don't know if that would EXCUSE the secrecy, but it would certainly EXPLAIN it.

Alex Porter said...

Hi Bob,

Here is a good article about your money and power and survival:

It is by Catherine Austin Fitts. You can see her on vid here:

My take is that paper assets are dangerous. If I were you I'd try to find a way to buy som gold or silver but not contracts - actual physical stuff. You can read up on that.. With cash you can hold Euros for a while because if the pound crashes people will not turn to he dollar but the Euro. So, when 1 goes down the other goes up. That's short term though as even the Euro could be a problem further down the road. The bonds market is thought of as another bubble that is going to burst and could at any moment. Read up on Jim Rogers and Marc Faber on currency and bonds - they have youtube vidz too.
Investors are getting out of these and getting into precious metals but also commodities. The risk of war is going up and currencies are in danger so owning 'food' like sugar (which is also an energy/fuel) for example is a good idea. So, buying stocks and not shares in companies. Food, health care, energy are all thought of as good investments in uncertain climates. So, if you get someone to buy stocks ask for a balance of these. If you do buy them buy them in other currencies. What I mean is buy them in safer currencies like Candian dollar, Swiss francs Chinese remnimbi exchanges. That means if your stock value increases you don't lose when you sell because the currency has collapsed..
On a more practical level anything which allows you to live in a self-sustaining way. If prices rocket then have some storeable food, vitamins/pain killers, seeds for planting in the garden etc. A home bru kit, a generator with fuel supplies, those water machines that take humidity and capture it as water. Things like that. Get t know people with some land and who know how to make things. Contacts would be helpful if life gets tougher. Get to know your neighbours. Home security too might help in case burglaries go up.

Just be smart I guess. If you need cash in the bank put it in different accounts. If there is a 'bank holday' and you are limited to how much you can withdraw then have some in different banks so you can have your allowance more than once.

Common sense stuff. Spread your savings out in stocks and in different countries and different currencies, don't trust banks or paper assets or governments. In the West now there is a lot of debt - the money has moved East so their stock markets are better for returns.

I recommend watcing Peter Schiff 'Wall Street Unspun' and various videos for investment ideas..

Even if we're wrong and the economy does recover then you've lost nothing by diversifying..

Alex Porter said...

I think the secrecy is about complicity for start. I mean if The City is a goner what does that say about Brown and his policies over the last decade or so?

The gamble is that they think they can reinflate the bubble. By pumping money into the system and letting the banks leverage it up we'll be back were we where. For many reasons that can't happen. And by increasing the debt it has made things worse. I mean there's less credit now and less ability to pay for it because of the new debt load.. A total mess.

And, they're not just afraid of panic. They are afraid of revolution. A devaluation of the currency is coming and when that happens people will feel all the money printing that has been going on. Living standards will plummet. When people lose it all and their kids are hungry you'll see big trouble. That's what they're really afraid of.
I heard this week that bankers in the US are now carrying pistols..

Look up Gerald Celente - the world's leading 'trends forecaster'. He's predicting New York to become like Mexico City with boss kidnappings etc. This guy is hired all over the world by governments and multi-nationals. Worth a look!

Bob said...


Thanks for that reply. I'll follow your advice and get started asap.
About a fortnight ago my bank (Lloyds Banking Group) froze all the accounts for about 24hrs due to a 'technical glitch' with a power supply. Many people were commenting that it was a dry run to guage reaction when more 'glitches' are necessary. Online banking, ATM's, credit cards and debit cards all failed to work.
I'll read through your links today. Cheers