Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scotland in a bad Moody's

In a bad Moody's?

Yes, while the IMF and international investors warn of systemic currency collapse the supposedly 'independent' ratings agencies continue to get exposed for giving false Aaa ratings to the UK and the US. Today in ZeroHedge we hear that Moody's talks about the UK being 'resilient' whereas other countries with far better finances are called 'resistant'. With corrupted regulators, ratings agencies and government the merchant banks have got away with larceny on a very grand scale.

In the last couple of days we have seen Brown doing a u-turn on cuts to public services. 3 billion quid if you believe Labour sycophantic Das Herald Sturmer and 12 billion if you believe not-so-Labour but ingrained unionist Das Schottishman.

What's the reason for this u-turn? Well. Das Herald Sturmer will tell you that it's prudent or some such pro-Brown propaganda trash:

Brown’s savings plan

The reality though is quite different according to the Times Online:

Gordon Brown tries to reassure market with early Whitehall cuts

Yep, Brown and his US chums can co-opt the ratings agencies and regulators to lie about their country's finances but investors are another story. Brown is now so afraid that speculators realise UK PLC can't pay it's debts and start a currency run that he's desperate to send out signals on public sector cuts.

At the same time the Bank of England is printing more and more free money for the banks. That means you, the taxpayer, lose the spending power of your money. You see, when the bank prints new money it's only worth the paper it's written on, what gives it value is the money you have sweated for all you life. They are giving away your sweat for free to bankers, still.

So when you read propaganda shills in Das Herald Sturmer write:

Holyrood is being called on to follow Westminster’s crusade in curbing the “culture of excess” after Gordon Brown said top earners who wasted public money would be named and shamed.

Just remember that it was Brown that made it all possible. He dropped the regulations, he pressurised for quantative easing i.e. money printing, he changed accountancy practice for banks so they can lie about their capital-to-deposit ratios and he bailed them out after his policies caused greed to go exponential. He has bankrupted Britain, he continues to sell the future of every UK citizen down the drain for short-term political advantage and after robbing you blind he's going to try and make you believe he's taking on the people he allowed to rob you. Whilst at the same time he's going to cut services to the bone and propaganda sheets like Das Herald Sturmer are going to try and make you believe that he's doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

The City and the British state is fundamentally and totally corrupt. Scotland does not have to play the game and pretend about recovery and what not. We need out of this bankrupt mad house as a matter of urgency. That's the message Salmond should be presenting. This is not about spin, this is about all our futures. We need leaders not focus-group driven managers.

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