Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EU v US/Ukanian empire. Orwellian predictions.

According to George Soros the French and the Germans would like to see The City "sink". As reported by Bloomberg Soros claims:

“There is thinking in continental Europe that would like to rein in London and see London sink,”

In a conference organised by the London School of Economics Soros said:

“There is this Franco-German alliance, I nearly said conspiracy, an alliance or common ground.”

Sparks are flying. Starting to get why we're not in the Euro? Remember Brown's 5 tests for joining. It was all bull. There was never any intention of joining the Euro. The City and Wall Street were major players only if they could get away with fraud on a scale unimaginable. Brown and Clinton then Bush gave them the breathing space they needed through abolishing regulation and allowing money printing. The financial oligarchs controlled all and are the US/UKanian empire. The merchant banks sold fraudulant derivatives all over the world. It made The City look big and the tax revenues rolled in and Brown looked like the king of all chancellors. Now we know it was all fraud and now through sweat and pain we'll have to pay for it all for generations to come.

And what of Europe? Spain, Greece, Latvia, Italy, Portugal all nose-diving. Wouldn't Brown love Germany and France to bail them out? That would mean Britain was suffering a 'global' problem not a Brown one, mmm. If Spain leaves the Euro or the EU, the game is over. The Spanish know that and the poker game is on. A gun to the head of the Germans! Bail out or no EU tio.

Unlike Britain, Germany has manufacturing. They learned their lessons from the Weimar Republic! You have to produce your way out of a depression. All Brown can do use his epson money printer. Germany is the powerhouse but it may have to let South Europe go. That keeps the dollar hegemony going a while longer - now that investors are switching to Euros en masse..

Real politics? It's all about managing devolution in the land of tea and biscuits nationalism. World trade has collapsed, empires are flailing, economic systems have collapsed, currencies are in crisis, peak cheap oil is upon us and we're worried about discussing Scotland's place in the world? The politicians who tell us we need to concentrate on the economy are fools. They will lead you over a cliff. As the saying goes "if you listen to their lying, they'll con you into dying"

Dick Gaughan sums it all up so well. A reminder that sometimes we need to remember history:

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