Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In Today's Das Shottishman David 'Mad Dog' Maddox is at his propagandist best.

Covering the story that the Scottish government can prove what all sentient beings know:

SNP: Scots 'subsidise the rest of UK by billions of pounds a year'

Notice the apostrophes that you don't get in anti-SNP pieces. Mad Dog fires off his 'rebuttals' as facts. Talking about a UK government report which apparently showed Scotland in deficit he mentioned that the UK report didn't -

..include the £37bn paid by the Treasury to bail out Scotland's banks, with the cumulative total of just over £60bn accounting for almost two years' worth of the Scottish Government's annual expenditure.

What Mad Dog doesn't tell you is that it wasn't Scottish depositors who were bailed out but institutional investors most of whom are based outside Scotland, mostly in London..

Why let such facts get in the way of a good unionist propaganda piece?

However it was Swinney's spokesman who really mentioned something interesting:

It is Britain that is bust, not Scotland and these figures prove it.

Finally, what we've all been waiting for - the SNP finally pressing the case that Scotland needs out of Bankrupt Britain!

Is the SNP starting to play hard-ball? Or is this another false dawn?


Anonymous said...

god almighty I bloody hope so I am sick to death of these people kicking Scotlands face in day after day after day

subrosa said...

It's my dearest hope that the SNp are waking up Alex and kicking the ball before it reaches the goal.

Far too often they think something will just be a nine day wonder and it comes back to bite them.

Alex Porter said...

Good comments.

They're too comfy in the parliament and pouting away as 'competent managers of devolution'. And we're told not to frighten the children by talking about independence? We're nationalists gor heaven's sakes.

We never needed the debate more than now and given the political and economic frailty of the British state there has never been an easier time to win people over.

The SNP have many advantages and not pressing them home is a big strategic mistake.

Anonymous said...

Should be main story on BBC Scotland every day until independence.

Instead we get guff about Salmond's Christmas card with a saltire on it.