Thursday, January 21, 2010

anti-SNP propaganda CBI style

It's quite a sight when Scotland's anti-Independence propagandists get together.

Another article twisted into an anti-SNP attack by Eddie Barns in Das Schottishman today quotes their favourite anti-SNP businessman, as often they do. What a cosey little gathering they make..

Headline is:

UK may leave Scotland mired in recession as jobs toll grows

Now, the article is about making Scots believe that their economy is more vulnerable than the English economy and that somehow that is something to do with the SNP.

Let me tell these so-called economic commetators and 'business leaders' something. The economy of Britain is getting worse. The only reason that there are growth figures is because of the all taxpayers money going into the economy in the form of 'stimulus' and money printing. Clearly the 'stimulus' is being dispersed disproportionatly higher in England than in Scotland. Now, giving out 'stimulus' money means taking it away from the productive economy and that causes productive companies, like you have in Scotland, to fail.

So by diluting the economy with money you kill the real economy to prop up a false one. The false one will die as soon as the taxpayers stop propping it up. Not until after the election you understand but there really won't be any money left to prop up London.

So, how do they twist this into an anti-SNP story?

But business groups have criticised Mr Swinney for not doing more, both to cut the government's own costs and to spend more on projects such as the Glasgow Airport Rail Link.

Excuse me but the SNP have cut the size of government and civil service departments massively and created savings that Westminster wouldn't be bothered to do anyway.

Then 'business leaders' meaning Das Schottishman's pet pro-union propagandists in the business sector or in short CBI Scotland director Iain McMillan is wheeled out for his latest wheeze:

The competitiveness of and prospects for Scots firms are greatly strengthened when government keeps a tight lid on those costs under its control that affect business,

The principle hike in government spending is on private sector goods in the government sector. How many of those contracts would Iain like to see withdrawn?

However his best is saved for last and what a mouthful it is:

..and when important GDP-enhancing investments in much-needed infrastructure and support for enterprise are protected.

Which is yet another unionist co-ordinated swipe at the Glasgow Airport Rail Link. The unionist establishment obviously think the SNP are vulnerable on this one.

For a start because of London-led monetary policies the value of the pound has shrunk hugely and so infrastructure is more expensive to pay for. Also, because of the London-led depression there are a lot less business trips taking place and a lot less people going to work or even spending money on leisure trips. Pressure on the transport system has receded. It follows that there is no urgency for this link.

Now some people think that during a recession that is the best time to build infrastructure. Such was the theory of Maynard Keynes. However Keynes' philosophy strongly emphasised that when you are in the good times of the economic cycle you save so that you can spend in the bad times. The problem with that is that Britain went into depression because it had a mountain of debt before the global recession - thanks to Gordon Brown. The reason why people are losing jobs is because debt is seizing up credit to business and consumers.

The answer therefore is to cut spending to the bone. However that is a tough proposition for an unpopular prime minister facing a general election so his answer is to print money and that is destroying the real economy although creating the illusion of 'recovery' in the short-term. By borrowing and printing money Brown is increasing the debt load and preventing the economy from correcting itself. And the banks love it because they sell debt and want as many governments, local governments, businesses and citizens as possible to be beholden to them.

You'd think that Iain MacMillan would have an opinion on such matters. I don't think he is the idiot on economics that he sounds like, so the only reason he could be punting this line is because he's controlled by bankers and his politics and circles are anti-SNP. That can be the only excuse for such contortions of the basic logic of economics. Indeed, he was so anti-Independence that his own members had to reel him in on a pre-election vitriolic outburst.

Scotland should beware such propagandists. They will sacrifice the productive economy to benefit the interests of the elite. It is not about having a productive economy, it is about controlling and enslaving the population with debt and corporate influence. That is where the Iain MacMillans of this world will lead you. If you value democracy, keep a watchful eye on such characters!

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