Friday, January 22, 2010

Scotland: Last Person To Leave Turn The Lights Out.

Britain's public and private debt is now 449% of GDP according to McKinsey. Yes, Britain is now approaching the same level of debt to GDP that little Iceland found itself in.

Remember our propagandist in chief at the ministry of information, sorry the Scottish Office scoffing about the Arc of Insolvency? Ah, Jim Murphy - how history will judge him. His mighty British state at the same economic level as Iceland - the worst case scenario in his 'Arc'. So, not only was it a diplomatic embarassment for Scotland but he laid a little trap for himself and the scoffing herds of Neu Leiber shills lined up behind him.

Very soon interest on this debt will become the majority of the current budget meaning more expensive than education and Labour's wars together. At these levels speculation on a run on the pound begins to circulate and it is. Under Brown and King we could well see interest payments becoming more than GDP and then the game is up and the pound will be history.

It's all waiting for you on the other side of the election. When the scoffing Murphy and his warmongering party are out of power. Then, they'll try to tell you all it was the Tories fault.

If we don't talk independence now the last person to leave Scotland should turn the lights out behind them.


Not the Messiah said...

Murphy is a nightmare waiting to happen, the lack of media critical analysis of his uttering is staggering.

Once in the spotlight, the man is a lightweight.

Alex said...

So true. Have you noticed all the slabbering about him being an adept political mover and shaker? Same nonsense that we heard about Wendy.