Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scotland Must Boycott the Big Banks, Now!

Move Your Money!

It seems that politicians and the press are going to conceal the massive levels of fraud that is now collapsing Britain's economy. Helped by Brown and Darling the big banks have robbed the citizens blind.

You're already hearing from Darling about how after the election there will have to be cuts in public services. See here. He told The Times:

Once recovery is established, we have to act

This clown caused the 'recession'. The problem is that the banks gambled fraudulant money on derivatives and lost it. Now they want YOU the taxpayer to take the hit. Brown and Darling made it possible for them to gamble away all your money and are now forcing YOU and your children and their children to cover those losses.

This week the people of Iceland are telling the big banks to take a hike. The banks knew they were loaning money that would never be paid back. This is a system which spans the globe but eminates essentially from London and Wall St.

So, Britain now needs its own revolution. You take it in the neck? They'll tell you that we need to stick together during the bad times. No, don't take it in the neck, tell the government to take a hike. Your taxes will soon rise hugely, services will be cut and your assets will lose most of their value because Brown and Darling transferred money to the bankers by printing pounds and giving it to them.

The banks use your deposits to invest in fraudulant derivatives and when the system explodes the taxpayer bails them out.

STOP the madness. You must take your money out of the big banks so that they stop doing it and put it into small community banks. Starve the beast!

In the US, boycotts of the offending banks are starting to take off. Citizens are voting with their feet. Here's a video that is going viral to start the campaign.

I urge everyone in Scotland and in Britain to do the same:

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