Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scotland Like Iceland?

It's an epic David and Goliath struggle. Little Iceland taking on the international bankster cartel and indeed their attack dogs like Gordon Brown.

Yep, Labour prove they are in the pockets of the international banking cartel. Yet, any authentic Labour movement should be proud of how Icelanders are facing up to these criminal gangs. Will it happen in Scotland? Not as long as people allow themselves to be sold out by the likes of Labour, that's for sure.

Instead of rolling over and taking it, Icelanders are standing up to their own government and the IMF. What happened is that a privately owned Icelandic bank engaged in derivative fraud (based on a model designed in London and Wall St. and encouraged by them) on a scale equalling 5 to 10 times Iceland's GDP. Yes, just like RBS, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and a whole other bunch of criminal slime did. Now they want Icelandic taxpayers to pay off the debts accrued by that private contract. Behind the scenes the IMF, the British government and the Iceland government are trying to put all the private debt onto the taxpayers - just like Gordon Brown did and continues to do in Britain. Except that the Icelandic people are not cowards and are refusing to take all the responsibility.

Shamefully, Gordon Brown invoked legislation to declare Iceland a 'terrorist state' so that he could freeze people's banks accounts. They almost ran out of food because of it. Brown, acting on behalf of his bankster bosses has been party to creating a document that makes Icelanders responsible for repaying all the debts that the Icelandic bank fraudulantly accrued.

Nice guy that Gordon Brown - warmongering and putting citizens into debt-bondage to thieving mega-banksters etc. No wonder the Church of Scotland welcomed him to the fold. Remember Burns' 'Address to the Unco Guid'?

Ye see your state wi’ theirs compared,
And shudder at the niffer;
But cast a moment’s fair regard,
What maks the mighty differ;
Discount what scant occasion gave,
That purity ye pride in;
And (what’s aft mair than a’ the lave),

Your better art o’ hidin.

See the video below of what's going on and how the brave Icelanders are standing up. And ask yourself why no-one in Britain is doing the same..

If you want an indepth look at the subject I recommend economist Mike Hudson's fantastic article entitled:

The Specter of Debt Revolt Is Haunting Europe
Why Iceland and Latvia Won't (and Can't) Pay for the Kleptocrats' Ripoffs


Sally Magnusson gets caught up in the debate. Seems there are some brave heros out there:

Sally Magnusson in hot water over Iceland bank row

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