Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama the Messiah: He Can Turn Garbage Into Money!

It's kinda sweet that your still read so much faff about Obama being the man for this or that. He has done nothing except accelerate all the problem from the previous administration. He is bought and sold with bankers' gold and the sooner the morning capuccino wafts up your nostrils the better. Ive heard it all: People telling me that they 'just know' he's a good guy and that he's super intelligent (remember Wendy Alexander?) but none of his flock seem to know anything about what he's actually done in real life.

You think they fixed the system with all that taxpayers money and stimulus? They didn't; things are now worse. And just so that you can hold your own with the Obamanoids out there who believe every headline in the corporate media, here's a great vid. An interview with an ex-managing director of Goldman Sachs. It tells you how the system is worse, how taxpayers are still getting ripped off and how for all his bark there's nothing approaching a bite from Black Jesus, sorry Obama.

Interview is with Max Keiser on Russia Today and starts at 13.00

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