Monday, November 16, 2009

Warnings Issued - Britain is Bankrupt

Jupiter Finance yesterday issued gilt warnings. The Financial Times Advisor writes:

"Fund managers are warning of an "almighty shake-out" on the gilt market amid mounting fears the Bank of England will lose control of inflation and send interest rates rocketing."

But Jupiter income star Tony Nutt is quoted:

"There is an unprecedented amount of Weimar Republic wheelbarrow money being thrown at the system.
"The Bank of England will think 'I'm in control, I'm in control - oh, whoops, no I'm not'. We will wake up one morning and find interest rates are already higher than we were anticipating the day before."

Now is the time for Salmond and Co to get busy; The choice of an 'Independent Scotland' or 'Bankrupt Britain' must now be conveyed to the Scottish electorate!

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