Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Banksters Lying Again

Labour and the Bank of England's MPC recently admitted that Britain's financial services sector was insolvent. Congratulations to the Brownster!

Today Reuters reports the IMF's big cheese announcing that Europe's banks are still hiding *HALF* their losses:

Hiding? Isn't that accountancy fraud? How are they getting away with it? Did Brown change the rules to let them hide it? Did he make the regulators look the other way? Is he up to his neck in complicity? Yes, he is.

HALF? That means that they all definately are insolvent. It also means they'll be looking for more bail-outs. Yes, that means you, the taxpayer are to get shafted all over again.

And the IMF are talking about Europe in general. The big loser in all this is Britain. Why? Well, The City was a major world player in derivatives and financial services in general. Their losses are exploding in Sterling and in Britain. Now Wall Street may have about the same losses as The City but the US has a population around 6 times that of Britain to absorb the problem.

Hiding? What about lying, cheating, thieving scum? Aided and abetted by Prime Minister Brown. An economic and currency crash coming your way soon.


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