Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glasgow North-East Needs Fighters!

I've been reading all sorts of comforting excuses about how this seat is unwinnable and how the SNP has learned its lessons about how by-elections are not important.

People, this seat needs fighters. Generations are lost in this Labour ghetto. When the soul of your nation is the issue you don't shirk these kinds of responsibilities. We don't need a good second place and a nice, polite party favourite who will appeal to the better off in Scotland. We needed a fighter!

A battle royal was the order of the day here. These people are fellow Scots who need to find their anger. How can the SNP be thought of as 'Scotland's party' if they do what Labour have done and downplay the relevance of these people to our nation?

The video below should bring shame on all so-called politicians who play games with people's lives!

The hearts and minds of every community in Scotland should be fought for with guile AND passion.

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