Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Brown the 'Arse of Insolvency'

Britain is "uniquely vulnerable" - that's the IMF's view on Brown's Britain as the crisis endures.

What do we need in this, our darkest hour? Churchill, according to an article written by Liam Halligan for The Telegraph. Never, in the field of human finance has so much wealth been transferred from so many to so few.

Liam, you jest man. What about 'green shoots', 'recovery' and all those growth projections from the Treasury? What kind of danger are we in if those are the forecasts?

"What is in jeopardy, though, is the prosperity of the British people for at least the next 15 to 20 years."

Yikes, that's a looong time. The unionists tell us that Scotland reaps great benefits from being part of Britain and its humungus global influence. Britain is so powerful it will overcome, no?

"In the balance, is nothing less than this country's place among the world's top-ranking nations."

Hang on, Labour told people in Scotland that if they voted SNP at the Scottish elections, Scots would be saddled with an extra £5, 000 tax bill. How much is Britain's crisis costing its citizens?

"an extra £32,000 will be added to the existing sovereign debt burden of every British household."

Gulp. Brits were already up to their necks too. Do you think that Britain could be labelled as a bankrupt then?

"Behind the scenes, though, even Brown and Co have grasped that yet another "fiscal stimulus" would see a sovereign debt downgrade, in turn provoking a creditors' strike – under which the UK would be rendered "insolvent", unable to roll-over its debts."

Has Gordon Brown single-handedly killed the 'union dividend' myth? Is he the 'Arse of Insolvency?'

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