Sunday, November 8, 2009

Global Currency Crisis? New World Order?

Alasdair Darling will tell you that the G20 will be discussing "long term growth" this weekend in St. Andrews ('The home of golf'). Such a smokescreen is par for the course for Mr. Personality. We hear that in the 19th hole a glass will be raised to a new global reserve currency. Adios greenback. As the US's caddie, Britain's sterling will be found dead in the bunker loyally alongside.

Many economists, traders, analysts and even bloggers are talking about an impending international currency crisis. So, what are the hedge fund managers thinking?:


Brian Barker said...

A recent CNN television broadcast gave the impression that Esperanto aims to be a single global language. The comparison was with a global reserve currency, instead of the US dollar.


May I put the record straight? Esperanto intends to be an auxiliary language, or a second language for all.

Please see for confirmation.

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