Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Independence Light

Independence is the idea in dire need of a campaign!

In order to connect the idea with voters we need to cleverly convey how far reaching independence goes. I mean the line that we should be talking about jobs instead of constitutional naval gazing is a disgraceful piece of rhetoric. Yet it resonates in with Scots who like the sound of anything that smacks of 'no-nonsence'.

Let's turn this round. One line which really resonates and is doing the rounds on the blogosphere is:

"With devolution we get to ban air guns, with independence we get to ban Trident."

The SNP should be hammering this message home. Especially on the economy.

With devolution we get to tackle drink-driving, with independence we can save jobs.

Now is the time to push the big idea. The SNP has shown it is competent. It's time to argue that that competence is needed with jobs. The economy is in such bad state that we need the powers of independence to fix it! It's not a difficult message to get across and it puts the management in London under the microscope. Let the fightback commence!

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