Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Britain Is Being Looted!

It takes time and eventually economists and economics journalists catch up.

The scale of the derivatives collapse, the consequent quantative easing, the obvious recent history of the mad theology of debt driven consumer economics, debt to income ratios and so on obviously mark out Britain and the US for a severe depression and likely currency and economic collapse.

The journos and those corporate economists who bought into the debt is good dogma have been way off for a generation. That's why they didn't see it coming, that's why their 'stimulus' religeon is a nonsence and that's why they don't see how deep in the doo Britain's economy is.

Take a look a this chart:

Oh yeah, remember the Brownster talked about how 'fiscal stimulus' and his general overall financial brilliance meant Britain was best placed to 'recover'? Yep, he was smoking them green shoots.

Goldman Sachs has tried to discredit these GDP figures but then Goldman Sachs now runs the US government. Of course they're covering up. Why? They want more of that quantative easing in the system and Brown is a money printer. He making them uber-rich.

If anything these figures are exaggerated to look good. Why? Well, remember that debt is included as a positive in the GDP figures. So all that borrowing is included to look like economic activity. While the Bank of England prints and that money goes into the economy it gives a short term spurt as people have some cash to spend but it is not wealth being created by the productive economy - that has disappeared. The printing doesn't let you see that in these GDP figures but one day very soon it will and it will be very ugly.

There are so many lies about unemployment figures, GDP figures, inflation figures and so on that people don't know what to trust anymore. Well, just look at the empty shops in the high street, ask yourself who has lost a job or had a pay cut, ask yourself if there are more taxes, fines and charges to replace tax-take losses etc. You'll soon realise that Britain PLC is going to hell in a hand-basket as our American cousins say.

Brown knows the mess Britain's in and so does Golmine Sachs. Don't listen to their bull - they're out to rob you. They've been looting you, they are looting you and they intend to continue looting you.

Where is the anger? If it was a burglar you'd be mad - this is no different!

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