Thursday, February 25, 2010

Salmond Has Raised The Banner!

Well done that man.

Salmond reveals independence referendum plans

This is what we've all been waiting for. Well, most of us. The Scottish National Party should essentially be about one thing - independence. Here in Spain people in Madrid think that Scotland will be the same as the Catalans - threatening independence to get more money. The Canadians, after their Quebec plebiscite, the same. Rubbish. I never met any Scottish nationalist who didn't believe in independence.

Tactically, this is exactly correct. Maybe the majority opposition to the minority government will block the referendum. With Britain about to lose its AAA status, with public and private debt in Britain now 449% of GDP and more and more economists talking about a Sterling crash, Scots must know there is a dinghy called Dignity.

The SNP must now fight for independence. They must talk about 'Bankrupt Britain'. The British economy is going South and the option of independence must be firmly on the agenda when that happens. The pressure for a democratic choice over our nation's history will come from the people who want jobs, economic justice and a future for their kids. They've had enough of corporate politics and wars and need a real country with empowered citizens and a written constitution.

Over the years the SNP has talked about a distinctive Scottish culture, institutions and history. We know that and our artists, historians and writers are shining. All pivotal for our long term survival as an ancient civilisation. However, as a political priority these virtues don't seem urgent to people. To reach independence there has to be an immediate need. We've allowed independence and the referendum to achieve it to be characterised as 'naval gazing' while real issues like jobs need our national attention, we are told. When the electorate do not see the link between the economy and independence there will never be an urgent case for the referedum.

So, escaping from 'Bankrupt Britain' is now a top priority. Salmond has grabbed the agenda and the timing is perfect. Scots must stop thinking about Tory v Labour and start thinking about 'bankrupt Britain' versus independence.

After the election, the austerity measures will come, unemployment will continue to rise in alignment with government borrowing i.e. fast. There is not going to be a recovery. The problem that you're not allowed to hear about is debt. Britain's debt is so big and it has to borrow more and more each month. So much so that paying it back is going to be impossible and Britain will default. Their solution to too much debt has been to borrow more. It's absurd but it's been the economic theology now for decades. As the reality sinks in that borrowing more can't solve too much debt there will be a rush to put up interest rates. Britain will not be in the G20 never mind the G7 by then. Greece is only the start..

The SNP must prepare the Scottish electorate. A shift in mindset is now possible. The United Basket-casedom is passing into history. Our people need leadership and straight-talking not corporate politics with its smokescreens of petty tabloid politics. There is too much poverty in our nation, many of our people are reduced to a wretched state constituting the worst living standards in Western Europe. This shames us all. It is time to stop being corporate slaves, held down by envying our neighbours, material distractions, wars on fake premises and East Enders etc. It is time for us to think like a nation, the poor are our people, the old are our old, our immigrants are our immigrants, our economy is our economy, our country is our country. We have to think about our relationship to the rest of the world directly and not by proxy.

We will be bombarded with propaganda. Of that there is no doubt. We will be lied to, we will be fed smoke and mirrors baloney by the self-interested who have no desire for honest debate. They will try to reduce the debate to tabloid rubbish in the hope of keeping us down with self-loathing.

All nationalists must now gang thegither and talk about the big issues of democracy and self-determination. There is a war on for the mind of all Scots. Do not underestimate how our demons will be used against us. Instilling confidence is the priority. The confidence to overcome the lies which have been peddled over generations. We are not a defeated people. We are not too wee and incapable. We have to engage minds now with passion, for Scotland will not rise on a half-hearted prospectus. The people must believe we are serious. Do not blush when talking about independence - that is the slave mentality. Do not feel the need to dress independence up in small talk and petty politics - you will lose the confidence of the people.

In 1707, we were sold. The Parcel o' Rogues cashed in on our sovereignty. The people did not want Union and have never voted for it. We were wronged by a self-interested elite.

A self-interested elite is now all that stands between us and our right to our historic independence. We simply can't let the moment pass. We need the collective determination of the olympian to win. This generation is the second independence generation. The first fought politically and on the battle field. Our battle field is the hearts and minds of Scots and our weapons must be honesty, integrity, guile and determination.

The giants of our history are always with us giving us strength. Generations have kept the torch burning in darker times so that this moment would come one day long after they were gone. A moment of destiny is coming and we must take a leap of faith in ourselves, each and every one of us, in every corner of Scotland and in every race, colour and creed of ancient Alba. We have kept our country alive in our minds and now we have to connect again with the world. We WILL see it in our life time!

Alex Salmond has raised the banner, it is time to stand and be counted.

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