Thursday, February 18, 2010

Financial/Electoral/Military Crisis and Gordon's Destiny

Green Shoots? What are you smoking?

Yes, Gordon Brown has just about everyone smoking green shoots. Well, he must:

I still haven't recovered from the last recovery. Christmas sales, right? Wrong. It was all down to the printing and distribution of new money. Yes, he diluted your wealth to pretend that the economy was improving. Look at his picture, he doesn't even exhale. You ain't gonnie win on the economy Gordy. Try a little war in Argentina, it worked for your buddy when she was deeply unpopular and she ruled over us for an eternity thereafter. She did have oil though. Oh my, so does the Falkland Islands. Mmmm.

Problem is them green shoots are from a poor batch. The high isn't so smooth.

Take for example this headline from The Evening Standard:

UK's finances 'ghastly' as tax falls and spending rises

Januaries. Every one of them is a bumper one for the government. That Slade jingle gets consumers' juices going and we part with shed loads of cash to keep our consumerist brats quiet. Last year January saw the government pay back GBP 5.27 billion to creditors. This January he borrowed another GBP 4.34 billion. Yes, it's a 'since records began' statistic. How does it compare to forecasts? Well, 'analysts' had predicted a repayment of GBP 2.8 billion so a mere GBP 7.14 billion out.

And just at the time when Mervin the Megician told us he's not going to print any more GBP (Gordon Brown Pounds).

Remember he saved the world with 'stimulus' and 'bail-outs' (= print outs)? You see his fix for an economy gridlocked with debt was to increase the debt. No more fixes please Gordon, we've smoked too much already.

It's simple Gordon. When you give away cheap money you create a distorted economy. Then it has to correct itself meaning people with jobs in the 'stimulated' false economy have to move to the productive real economy. That hasn't happened because you pumped more money into the 'stimulated' economy. When you stop pumping it's going to evaporate. To make things worse Gordon you took money from the real economy to support the fake one and so some of the real economy has evaporated too - never to come back. Well done.

So, income tax and corporation tax have driven over the cliff Gordon. That's why you needed to borrow more money this January.

Do you really think the electorate will solve the Gordon Brown problem by demanding more Gordon Brown? No, that doesn't make sense and neither did your 'bail-outs' and 'quantative easing'.

You just printed Gordon. That was your economic stategy. I mean even some African tin-pot dictator like Mugabe can do that, no?

Yes Gordy, it's a big mess and can only go further South. So, what are you going to do to get re-elected? I think a little crisis would help, don't you? Arresting some Muslims in trumped up terror charges isn't going to cut it. Yep, I think an international crisis is required.

Iran? No, too dangerous. Argentina Gordon. Britain's dignity is at stake and the tabloids will be right behind you. You'll be the best PM since Maggie. Can't you feel the hand of history on your shoulder? You were destined for great things Gordon, don't let the idiot electorate let you down.


CrisisMaven said...

Yes, the "U"K is on the slippery road towards sovereign default and the follow-up will be the crumbling of its infrastructure like in the US.

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