Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do Something Scotland

Le Carre said it through Barley Scott Blair in The Russia House: have to think like a hero just to behave like a merely decent human being

The lurid attacks on the SNP leadership of late have been frightening in their intensity. Clearly, The Herald and others are going to conduct their campaigns right up to the election. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind political bias but The Herald has now stooped far to low and has crossed the line with their coverage of the so-called scandal relating to Nicola Sturgeon's compassionate letter to a judge asking for leniency for a constituent who has admitted to benefit fraud and has repented and made a comittment to repay the stolen money.

Anyone familiar with my blog will know that I have severely criticised the government and bankers for transferring British citizens' wealth to the merchant bankers. This policy of bail-outs and quantative easing is pure and simple fraud. Fraud which is impoverishing people the length and breadth of Britain.

There has been a conspiracy of silence on the matter. The banker who stole Iceland's money is now living in London under the protection of Gordon Brown. He is not being asked to pay back a penny. Might set a messy precendent you understand and we don't want the population calling for justice..

The hypocrisy of the media and politicians in this matter is monumental. Why in the face of the biggest plunder of people's money in history under New Labour is The Herald and The Scotsman running a story about a constituency letter to a judge as the top story?

In wondering about all this it dawned on me what was happening. The picture of the Abdul Rauf was published despite the fact that he has a family. It's race. He fits a profile. We've had it rammed down our throats since the despicable 'war on terror' was dreamed up. These people are a threat to us apparently. These lazy Asians are over here stealing our benefits and jobs and spend the rest of their time being trained as terrorists. That's the New Labour subtext.

Salmond and the SNP, you see, were against the war. They are in league with the terrorists is the logic. Afghanistan and Iraq are making banks and arms manufacturers very wealthy indeed. These people have now hijacked New Labour. No sooner was Blair out of Downing Street than he had a GBP 2.5 million a year job with JP Morgan - the company who won the contract to run the Trading Bank of Iraq. Who made a mint from Brown's PFI schemes? Who fills Labour coffers to get Brown elected?

Did you ever wonder why the bail-outs and 'quantative easing' became a theology? More was needed and sooner screamed the headlines. What about let the incompetent, greedy bath turds fail? Ah, you see, they have far too much influence over the media and anyway the kickbacks are nice but don't expect The Herald to investigate them.

Apart from being against the war Salmond's other crime was to court the Muslim community. Increasingly under the warmongering New Labour machine Muslims felt protected by Salmond's reaching out to their communities and seeing through the 'war on terror'. We should stick by Salmond for these reasons. He would not allow our Muslim population to become the 'enemy within' as New Labour would have them portrayed. How many false terrorism arrests and raids have there been? Who sanctioned them? All to keep our perpetual wars going. All to steal oil and resources. And where does the money go?

That's the real fraud - US/Ukanian empire. It is known within the financial community that when Lehman collapsed the only liquidity in the financial system was coming from sales of heroine harvested in Afghanistan. We continue to send young men and women to die to fatten the Swiss bank accounts of those who have direct and instant access to Gordon Brown and President Obama.

Don't tell me about fraud? The fraudsters are in power. Their defrauding the population every time the tell you that they act in your interest whilst they peddle propaganda which would shame some 20th Century dictatorships.

There's no debate any longer about stopping our involvement in these wars. Iraq was an illegal war to start with and the people didn't want it. Who cares what the people think? The bosses of number 10 are the bankers and the arm's manufacturers. They're the new bosses and the rest of us will just do what we're told.

To keep the pantomime going they need to terrorise us and distract us. And this story about Nicola Sturgeon's letter is exactly that. Our attention must be constantly engaged with sensational garbage. And when the people get restless throw them some Muslims - the enemy within, those who we need to protect you from. The trillions of pounds in profit from said wars are simply a bi-product. Nothing to do with the motivations, you understand. And when the nasty Nats don't follow the script they get it in the neck.

What happens when people start believing all this propaganda? Today in The Herald (see pic below) we have a report that extreme right-wing organisations can no longer control their followers. Next week you'll see the Scottish Defence League taking to the streets of Edinburgh. In the Alice-In-Wonderland world of the New Labour project The Herald can't see (or worse does see but think it's worth it) the correlation between their story about Abdul Rauf and the growth of fascism among the working classes.

The SNP are not buying into the bankers' empire and so the attack dogs are set on them. Expect more in the run up to the election.

There will be no peace while Britain survives. Britain is the patner of the corporate fascists who now roam the world bringing down democracies, threatening countries with war to capture energy markets and robbing the citizens of the 'homeland' of their capital. The SNP threatens to spoil the party.

Orwell was not far off. We even have the language Hope = desperation, change = worse than before, recovery = more theft of the citizenry. Add this to the lurid rubbish that masquerades as news, the perpetual wars, a population transfixed by soap operas, celebrity and terrorism and watched by CCTV more even than in communist China. If it looks like fascism, smells like fascism and acts like fascism - it's Britain today.

People, we simply can't keep sleep-walking deeper into tyrrany. We have to organise. Take your money out of big banks and put it into local banks and credit unions - starve the beast. Complain and demonstrate, join peace organisations. Do something!


Bob said...

Interesting article Alex.
I wouldn't get too worked up about The Scotsman and Herald. They're busted flushes with a fixed pro Labour agenda talking to similar minded people. Just don't visit their sites ( or their offshoot the online Caledonian Mercury).
The SNP have been a bit hapless of late though. Alex writing letters in support of illegal drug smugglers and his trips to Copenhagen and The Maldives to hug their PM. The global warming scam seems to have completely gone over the heads of the SNP. Have you seen the pylons that the SNP will build to connect up the windmills in Beauly to the central belt? 20 double decker buses high. To sort a problem that doesn't exist. The carbon credits scandal over global warming is a £646Bn scam. Another £60m sent off today while OAP's cosy into their single bar electric fire.

And we would get the euro if the SNP had their way with their Independence in Europe agenda. How can we be independent in an undemocratic system like the corrupt EU ?

Nicloa Sturgeon was a bit silly writing that letter. A convicted fraudster ( 700 claims he put in the first time he was jailed and he ' forgot' he owned two properties worth £600K and was getting rent on one of them at £650 a month in his second scam for £80K) shouldn't be accepted at face value as Shona Robinson claimed ( Nicola didn't appear for interview and sent Shona).

I'm not convinced with the agenda you're hinting at. labour and Tories are trying desperately to entice the ethnic vote and are just jealous at the ' success' of the SNP. Although £9K to have lunch with Mr salmond is a bit steep even for the wealthy Asian community.

Alex Porter said...

Hi Bob,
Excellent points as usual!

On the entry, I think keeping the core working class 'white' central belt vote is the New Labour priority right now. I think the preference is for stoking prejudices than having people vere towards independence as the answer..

All this is very subtle but this story just wouldn't have flown if the 'fraudster' hadn't been Asian.

Anonymous said...

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