Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Das Herald Sturmer's at it again with this headline:

For sale: lunch at Holyrood with First Minister - £9,000

No rules are being broken and all parties indulge but this doesn't stop Das Herald Sturmer from trying to smear the SNP. Ad Das Herald Sturmer is a loyal Labour propaganda broadsheet we might expect them to throw as much muck around. I mean their party is so utterly corrupt that they need to try and make the electorate think that every other party is the same. Sad tactics but that's Labour and that's Das Herald Sturmer for ya.

I wonder what the headline be if Das Herald Sturmer covered politics as a democratic newspaper holding political parties and governments to account? Suggestions are welcome. My own idea is:

For sale: Army for Stealing Oil Rich Countries and Genocide - Prime Minister approval £2.5 million p/a Consultancy

What a world we live in when petty attacks on the First Minister for legitimate fund-raising is prioritised over the rightful pillorying of a Prime Minister whose lies led to the slaughter of millions.

Amazing how the media is all about dumbing down real politics, no?

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