Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beware Scottish Corporate Greed!

Das Schottishman just loves to wheel out its favourite nat-bashing 'business leader' in chief Iain MacMillan, chairman of CBI Scotland. As we know Iain had to be disciplined by many of his own members for his frothing and co-ordinated anti-SNP attacks.

He's regularly wheeled out to talk about GARL and his criticism of the SNP's policy of cancelling that project has sinpired him into a creative mode calling GARL 'GDP Enhansing':

A far bolder approach was required to making savings and to protect, rather than cut, important GDP-enhancing investments in infrastructure. The decision not to reinstate the key Garl transport project, and all the economic and environmental benefits that would bring, is particularly disappointing and short-sighted.

Iain is simply a lobbyist for some multi-national companies operating in Scotland.

He doesn't tell you what has to be cut to pay for GARL. He really wouldn't give a hoot if school dinners get withdrawn or presciption charges dropped just as long as the state pours more cash into the pockets of his buddies.

As Britain enters depression there are less business trips taking place and less car journeys. Consequently there is no urgency for GARL. It does not prevent bottle-necks because there is less demand on the roads because of the state of the British economy and every airline will tell you that there are less and less businessmen flying..

If GARL had been paid for: schools, hospitals and lots of basic services would have to be decimated. I guess that means his pals in the banking sector could offer to buy up public sector infrastructure at bargain basement prices. Hey presto and our democracy is owned by some corporate plutocracy also known as fascism.

The views of Iain MacMillan threaten Scotland and Scotland's democracy. Das Schottishman and their owners who are part of said corporate elite have the same money grabbing agenda. They are not for improving the business culture, they are for fattening their mate's wallets. Meanwhile the average Scottish child gets a little hungrier or a little less healthy.

Does Iain understand how much school dinners saves Scotland? Poor undernurished children cost the NHS a packet and later often cost the prison service a packet too. Of course Iain is all for privatising prisons..

Scotland should beware going down the US style corporate road to hell! Remember that you are citizens of a nation and not simply cheap labour in an economy that serves only a feudal and greedy elite!


ted said...

The consultants report for GARL predicted average passenger numbers as 17 per train. They predicted it wouldn't cover it's running costs never mind the capital costs.

By international standards Glasgow Airport is very close to the city it serves. There is a motorway the entire distance. Once the M74 is completed congestion on the M8 won't be a problem.

How many businessmen are going to wait for a train to get them to Glasgow City Centre (no faster than a taxi) then have to hire a taxi in the city to get to their final destination.

Is anyone going on holiday with luggage going to walk or get a taxi to their local station then take two trains to Glasgow Airport when a private hire car is £20. That £20 is similar to what the fares would be for two people from their home to Glasgow Central and the GARL to the airport.

GARL is a white elephant.

Alex Porter said...

Excellent point Ted. It's clear that our CBI friend is lobbying for his pals and Das Herald Sturmer are propagandising against the SNP.

As the pound sterling is on the verge of collapse brought about through debt load it's clear that giant capital projects are the exact opposite of what's need.

Garl as you pointed out is not viable and certainly is not 'gdp-enhansing especially when the interest on the debt will drain the public purse.

If MacMillan knew anything about economics he wouldn't blether such nonsense..