Sunday, February 7, 2010

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

How does the Western Empire work? This is the game Blair and Brown have been playing and in full knowledge and properly defines the New Labour epoch! It's all here. Thanks to Bob for this.

Part 2 here


Bob said...

Yes it's scary stuff Alex. Worth watching part 2 aswell.

Anonymous said...

It is all so believable too.

It dovetails in with BAe and Yamani 2 as well as how the British Empire was set up.

When I was in Oz, some years back, a friend told me that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was only paid off in the 1960s.

Looks as though Iceland is next to be stitched up by the IMF. They have, allegedly, ginorous sub sea and sub Arctic oil deposits which I have read could possibly be the biggest ever discovered in the World. The Russians sure think so and the Danes have got their clai in quick for Greenland.

Funnily enough the oil could stretch down into the North Atlantic into Scottish Atlantic waters!

Alex Porter said...

@Bob, watched it! Scary right enough. If you get a chance look up Greg Palast's blog and look into LobbyGate and other reports he did. Well worth a peek!

Not sure about Iceland. The stitch up was brought was exposed and demonstrators forced a referendum which knocked back said stitch-up. Not sure of the latest. I know they've been consulting with economist Mike Hudson on how to protect itself against the corporate savagery lead by Brown and others.

Check out his counterpunch articles and a sniff at this vid:

Bob said...

I looked up that lobbygate the other day. I'd forgotten the story. Blair has been dodgy since day 1. Forgot about Draper aswell. Greasy little creep. And Liddle, Mandy etc. Had to have a bath after reading the article.