Friday, November 12, 2010

Silver Bullets for JP Morgan

Perhaps some bloggers remember my article - Biggest Fraud in History and The Silver Bullet

In short the argument is that governments and banks have been colluding to hold up currency value by suppressing the price of PMs (precious metals) (which function like currency in times of paper money volatility). They have done this by selling paper silver contracts but without having the undelying asset to back up the contract. It is believed that for ounce that they have in their warehouse they have sold one hundred.

As governments and banks are now diluting the money supply they are affraid that investors will want to get out of cash and into the money safe-havens of gold and silver. In recent months silver has rocketed in price showing that more and more investors are worried about currency collapse in the big Western currencies $ € £ and moving quickly into PMs. In order to stop this run on fiat currency governments and banks have colluded to hold down the value of PMs by selling more than they have.

The weakness in the system is that if enough people ask for delivery of the PM and it is obvious that the PM isn't in the warehouse there will be a scramble to buy real physical PMs and the price will go exponential along with a currency collapse.

This week has seen the launch of campaign to bring down the banks involved by everyone buying a one ounce silver coin. Spot price silver currently trades at about €20 or £17 per ounce and you can buy coins from various vendors including ebay - see here.

The idea is to show the global merchant banks, like JP Morgan who our politicains fall over themselves to compensate their gambling debts with taxpayers' money, exactly who's boss!

This buy a silver bullet campaign will work if enough people participate so get out there and buy some silver!

Here's some info on how the campaign works:

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Bob said...

Interesting Alex. I watched the interview with Max Keiser on the Alex Jones show aswell so hope it's successful. A friend of mine has 'gold' but the only link to it seems to be an online page with all his transactions. Doesn't look very safe to me if they decide to pull the plug on the web or his gold company does a runner. Esp with rumours that most 'gold' is old iron with golden paint on it.
The Channel 4 programme last night on our £4.8tr debt was an eye opener. Five MPs' were interviewd and none knew the difference between deficit or debt or had any idea of the real debt ( I'd say £7tr not £4.8tr).
One 'senior' MP who was interviewed advised the reporter to ask one of the experts in govt who might know what debt was compared to deficit. With this calibre in charge of us it's clear now why we're finished and will never recover.