Friday, November 5, 2010

Kilkenomics: Genius Economics Festival

Why should taxpayers have to bail out private banks causing economics crises and mayhem? Who's idea was it?

Why should private debts which were lost speculating be compensated by citizens? Given that million are now losing their jobs thanks to institutional fraud in the financial markets I think the public needs an answer!

And who gives the IMF any authority to demand that governments bail out banks? What charter gives them the right?

Big questions but as soon as you mention 'speculating' or 'charter' people's eyes glaze over. Economics uses language which confuses people and that's because financiers like to confuse people and so take their money.

To connect people and economics the Irish have came up with a brilliant idea. Take some of the world's best economic thinkers, with no axe to grind, and put them together with comedians in an economics festival.

The festival will run in Kilkenny city between the 11th and 14th of November and speakers will include the brilliant Peter Schiff whose books predicted the financial crisis with great accuracy. Another speaker will be the former US regulator William K. Black who during the US 'Savings and Loans Crisis' of the 80's investigated over 1, 000 bankers and financiers who were found guilty of fraud and many were jailed. Bill says the current problem with systemic fraud in the financial system is at least 40 times bigger than the 'Savings and Loans Crisis' We need more like him!

These heavy weight economic thinkers will be accompanied by smart comedians who have a reputation of throwing light on such subjects without depressing the audience.

The festival is called Kilkenomics and you can get more information here or go to

Can we organise such a conference in Scotland? This is exactly what the people need so that we can stop the financial coup d'etat which has took over Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Britain, US and many more nations around the world. Send out the word - this is not recession it's enormous fraud and the governments are complicit..

People are losing jobs and their standard of living is collapsing, public services are being axed and debt levels are going through the roof all because the people are being led to believe they have to compensate the super-rich for losses they incurred in highly speculative bets.

It is time to take economics back from complicit politicians and what some call 'financial terrorists' and sort our nations out!

Here is an Irish economist, David McWilliams, who is involved in organising the Kilkenomics conference talking to to the great economic commentator Max Keiser: (go to 12.25)

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