Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

If you have been following my blog and the stories of the suppression of the price of precious metals by colluding banks and governments then you should follow the current campaign to crash JP Morgan's share prices by buying silver bullion or coins.

The problem is that the prices of gold and silver are being suppressed in order to hold up the price of currencies. If people don't like their currency being devalued as it is by quantative easing then investors will sell their currency and move into the safe havens of gold and silver. To prevent this from happening the price of the metals has been held down.

In March this year a silver trader broke cover and provided evidence to the CFTC (commodities futures trading commission) proving that the the price of silver was being manipulated by JP Morgan which is a huge player in the market. That trader - Andrew Maguire was almost killed in a hit-and-run incident in London the day after he blew the whistle. The police caught the driver after helicopters and cars trapped him but no arrests were made and the identity of the driver has not been disclosed to the public.

Paper contracts on silver have been sold and it is believed that for every ounce of silver that they have, they have sold one hundred in paper contracts.

The idea behind the campaign is that people buy so much silver (it is a physically small market) that a panic will ensure and investors will demand the silver behind the contracts. This will show a massive hole in JP Morgan's accounts and cause a run on its share price.

It is a co-ordinated campaign based on using google search words "Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver" and when you click you find articles explaining the details of the campaign.

The silver market is small and so easy to manipulate. If people sell cash by buying silver the price of silver will rocket. Silver contracts are worth trillions which is more than the foreign debt owned by China..

Suffice to say then that this is a monumental issue and impacts upon national security. If the campaign works the pound and the dollar could be crashed with weeks.

Just how important is silver to the money markets?

The idea that JFK was assassinated shortly after he brought in the silver-backed dollar is fast gaining traction as the best motive behind the decision to kill him.

So, go buy some silver for JFK..

Here is a video explaining the issue.


Update. Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver campaign taking off! Watch for further updates..


Update: Visit for more details.


Chris W. said...

This is going to be a big deal.

As more and more people start buying actual physical silver instead of paper like ETF's it will cause pressure on the banks.

God, Gold and Guns said...

Check out this video update to Crash JPMorgan Buy Silver -

Anonymous said...

Lets make this go viral. If 4Chan could make Justin Bieber get sent to North Korea then 4chan can help us take down JPM. Everyone Go to and post a 'crash JPM' picture!

Unknown said...

Hi all,
I’ve just set up a forum deidcated to the viral campiagn at Come on over and give your tuppence worth. Lets snowball this thing!