Sunday, November 14, 2010

French Revolution II - Move Your Money

The second French Revolution is due on the 7th of December!

In France there is a campaign whereby people are going to take their money out of their big banks and let them crash.

Things have gone too far! The banks lost money gambling and are bankrupting the rest of us by demanding compensation for their private losses. Who says we need to bail them out? Only the people who are controlled by the banks i.e. our entire political class.

Say NO to austerity cuts. Take action against the banksters by withdrawing your money. How does it work?

When you deposit one pound the banks use that pound to lend out somewhere in the region of fifty. So your power is multiplied by fifty. That means a relatively small amount of people can bring bail outs and austerity to an end! The Move Your Money campaign in the US is having great success.

The date? 7th December

Action: Let's join in solidarity with the French! Pass the word..

Put my money where? Independent banks or co-ops. The Airdrie Savings Bank is strongly recommended. Better still, take the money and buy silver coins or bullion!

Here is a video by Eric Cantona explaining the process (English subtitles)


cynicalHighlander said...

Time is running out fast.

Ireland Is Only The First To Realise Her Freedom Has Gone

Quinie frae Angus said...

This is a very exciting idea.

What do you think, Alex, about the Co-operative Bank? How does it compare with the Airdrie Savings Bank?

I mean, in terms of

a) ethical behaviour

b) How it would help an independent Scotland, if at all?

Alex Porter said...

Hi Quinie,
Airdrie is my gut feeling for trust. The co-ops, I'm not sure - heard about relationships with Labour..

If I could get a list of trusted banks then a campaign could get moving!


Quinie frae Angus said...

Thanks for the tip.

An excellent idea for a campaign!

(Off topic: I have been thinking about your idea of writing stuff for Newsnet Scotland and I am giving it some thought. Not quite in the right place at the moment to spend time doing a lot of research but am putting a few ideas together for the future....)

Alex Porter said...

When I brought this issue up last year 'move your money' another organisation contacted me to ask for details so a campaign could be started. If you want to do something tell me and I'll look that info up.

As for writing. Great. Honestly, you have a way with words. Easiest way is just to trust your opinion and send it in to speakers corner and see what happens.. Your writing is so good I think you'll get into it!