Monday, November 22, 2010

Bailout Sparks Civil Unrest In Ireland

As reported in around a hundred Sinn Fein activists breached the gates of the Irish parliament today:

Sinn Féin activists breach gates of Government Buildings

Here is BBC footage of the demonstration. There are accusation of police kicking protestors who are calling for the immediate resignation of the Taoiseach Brian Cowan who has given interviews recently where he has shown signs of fatigue and in one interview was clearly drunk.

How long before Scotland draws appropriate conclusions about the UK's financial sector, bailouts and auterity?

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cynicalHighlander said...

By Strapworld on Subrosa's blog.

"George Osborne has promised to loan money to Ireland.

If you are a councillor/director etc you have to declare an interest, however maginal that interest may be!

The Chancellor is heir to the Osborne Baronetcy of Ballentaylor in the County of Tipperary, and Ballylemon in the county of Wexford, making him part of the old Anglo-Irish aristocracy known as the Protestant Ascendancy...

Now if THAT is not an interest I do not know what is and he should have removed himself from this decision!"