Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calling Citizen Journalists! (Scottish or not)

For those who would like to see a balanced political debate in Scotland, the arrival of Newsnet Scotland didn't come quickly enough. For long and weary the media in Scotland has been viscerally anti-SNP and especially so since the nationalists won the Scottish elections.

Newsnet Scotland has a core of over a thousand members and on top of that has over 2, 000 unique visits per day. The content is increasing in quality and the site is screaming out to evolve.

Newsnet Scotland Seeks Writers:
To evolve into a mainstream weapon against Scotland's media bias, Newsnet Scotland now needs people out there to contribute articles. This is your big chance. If you follow football send in football articles. If you like international relations submit articles, if you like fashion send copy or if the cut and thrust of politics cooks your goose fire off a piece to the editor.

Bloggers Alliance:
There are bloggers out there with excellent writing skills. Blogs are great but they have their limitations. So, if you write a blog then maybe once a week send in an article to Newsnet and then post it to your blog.

let's build an alliance that can take on the nasty propaganda machine that holds Scotland's democracy back!

Join Anyway:
If you don't want to or prefer to wait then join anyway and try and get some friends to write.

For Scotland!


ianbeag said...

Bravo Alex! Your own recent contributions to Newsnet have helped to give it additional gravitas and credibility. With the continuing decline in the circulation and readership of a majority of Scotland's newspapers the success of Newsnet and forums like your own should be a pointer to editors that there is a growing demand for fair and balanced journalism.
Is it not time you came back home??

Alex Porter said...


Thanks for your kind words. I'm enjoying writing and am astounded by the reaction! I have to say that bloggers encouraged me. Especially Rosie at whose dedication and presence is immense.

Home? Not much call for TEFL teachers in Scotland. Nice to be missed though!


PS. Haven't given up on the issue we discussed just need more time to get my head around it all. Seems to be getting attention now anyway..

Anonymous said...

Mrs Panda is back from Shanghai in about 1 hour.

1 bottle of Cremant D'Alsace waiting in the fridge.

Pinot Noir, probably although not stated anywhere on the label.

But we can guess, eh Alex, if we read Newsnet.

Alex Porter said...

Indeed Bugger,
What if we use google maps and get to know each little village? We wouldn't need labels at all..