Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogging and Political Innovation Event - Edinburgh Sat 13th November

How are political blogs changing politics?

This is the question that Mick Fealty and his team at the famous slugger o'toole blog has partnered up with Channel 4, NESTA and others to find out.

This 'political innovations project' rolls into Edinburgh on Saturday 13th November. See details here.

One subject which is coming up a lot in the blogosphere is how to aggregate blog content and Mick promises that one of the attendees is an expert in ways to share content to maximise effect.

Naturally, the organisers would like to encourage politically-minded people whose knowledge of the blogosphere is limited to go along and find out what the low-down is. So every blogger can take a friend;)

Here are the event's objectives:

1. To discuss some of the ideas that we’ve turned up so far on Political tnnovation - here (more to come)

2. To introduce people who work around politics (either politicians, campaigners, civil servants etc)to some of the people and ideas that are floating around the blogosphere

3. To get bloggers together to discuss political blogging – it’s impact and where it’s going in Scotland (lunch and drinks will be laid on!!).

The event will have ‘open sessions’ anyone who wants to get something on the agenda will be able to. We’re also going to have a few ‘sidebar’ sessions where projects or software gets demonstrated and where some set-peice discussions (around blogging and libel, or around the way bloggers and journalists feed off each other).

So the organisers hope you:

a) Come along yourself on the day
b) Blog about the event in advance – we’re *really* keen to get some politicos who don’t fully understand the blogosphere and e-democracy along
c) Pick up any of the ideas that appeal to you / annoy you and blog about them as well?

For further information you can contact Mick Fealty and his team:

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