Saturday, October 9, 2010

Britain Debt Trapped

Now that Britain is suffering from debt attacks by international merchant banks (bailouts, speculation and money printing) so, at last, the people of the 'developed world' can relate to what these banks and their IMF/World Bank front have been doing to third-world and developing countries for decades.

When we saw scenes on TV of riots, war and chaos in places like South America, we switched off and went shopping for play-stations, DVDs, Ipods and blackberries.

Well now the same forces are pillaging their way through Britain and the rest of the developed world, we can't say we weren't warned - even if the BBC didn't tell us the whole story. We really should start taking notice of these things..

Ecuador has suffered more than most in the corporate world's game of plunder. Jaime Roldós had an unfortunate plane accident in 1981 and at the beginning of this month President Rafael Correa (who has a PH.D in economics from the University of Illinois) was almost ousted in a coup attempt.

It is the same game of plunder that is now going on in Britain, the US and Europe. For another angle on this story see this documentary courtesy of the Real News Network:

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Bob said...

It seems like the ecomomic hitmen aren't happy with Ecuador.
John Perkins did that video a while ago about his role...