Friday, September 17, 2010

A Westminster Bill To Solve 'The Crisis' - No Chance of Success!

We are continually bombarded with total junk economics. We were told 'stimulus' would save the world and it made it worse. Now we are being told that 'austerity' will save the world and it will make it worse.

So, who does have a plan? Not to give us a perfect system but just to end the crisis?

Finally and astonishingly, an MP has moved a bill in the Westminster parliament which will go some way towards ending the crisis. Here's the video of the first reading:

Sound money? Yes please! And an end to banks using the money in your current account to first multiply it and then use it to speculate or lend it out at huge amounts of interest thus destroying the real economy.

This bill, if passed, would end the 'financial crisis'. It might end it with a bump but it would end it instead of it getting worse which is what all parties, 'modern' corporate economists and trade-unions are selling you. This bill would prevent the citizens' wealth from being transferred to banks in order to try and hide their massive fraud which they are hiding off their balance sheets.

Guess what though, it doesn't have a hope 'n hell of being passed. Why? Because the political class and the banking class are joined at the hip.

In short, change is going to have to come from the bottom up and will likely be violent.

If you have any sense, support this bill which has received no mention in the mainstream media.

Wonder why that is?


RMcGeddon said...

" If you have any sense, support this bill which has received no mention in the mainstream media."

You don't watch the MSM do you ? ;)

Alex Porter said...

That's true - partly because I'm not in the UK but I didn't watch it when I did live there..

cynicalHighlander said...

EROI, Insidious Feedbacks, and the End of Economic Growth

Capitalists will never learn until the fragile cliff edge crumbles.

Alex Porter said...

The problem is that the bankers aren't capitalists. They are old fashioned feudal magnates. They don't want to face competition or accept that they went broke. No, they want socialism for themselves. When they fail they want the rest of us to look after them. The problem is that they don't want to extend that to the rest of us. Oh no, capitalism is only for the poor you see..

cynicalHighlander said...

'feudal magnates' I'll try and remember that thanks its just I treat people who thrive on greed as capitalists, my interpretation.