Monday, September 27, 2010

Scotland: The 'Peak Oil' Issue

Peak oil!

Peak oil is a vital issue for international security. As an oil producer Scotland should be having a national debate about what it means for Scotland and about our relationship to the rest of the world in relation to it. If you are interested and want answers to questions on 'peak oil' please email me. At the bottom right of this page you'll find my email details.

We can start an awareness campaign to find out how our London and Edinburgh governments are preparing for it, if at all.

To read about the implications of 'peak oil', I advise reading this recent article by German newspaper Der Spiegel.

For some expert explanation I advise reading this article by Dmitri Orlov.

To research the area an website about oil issues in general (lot's of stuff on peak) to visit is: The Oil Drum. A lot of industry experts post and comment on this website.

Some video information:

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