Monday, September 6, 2010

Shifting Blame and The Guillotine.

The Herald reports today the reality of what voting Labour has done for Glaswegians:

Revealed: Stark reality of frontline teaching

The facts revealed by a Glasgow City Council report would be shocking if we already didn't know just how horrible the reality is for many Glaswegians.

In one class of P7 children in a school in the city’s east end, 21 pupils out of a total of 24 were identified as having significant additional needs, ranging from parents with drug and alcohol problems to having to cope with domestic violence.

Three of the 11-year-olds were coping with the recent deaths of close relatives – some through drug abuse – while four had parents who were battling drug or alcohol addictions. Others had been exposed to domestic violence, while one child’s mother had recently attempted suicide.

So we know what the problems are so what answers are thrown up to address these problems? You got it - parenting programmes. School trips were actually a good idea but parenting programmes? Will someone answer me this question: How are you ever supposed to get good parents when they live in the economic and social environment provided by the city of Glasgow? I mean the problem is chronic because of years of neglect and active attacks on the poor.

Instead of addressing real problems like corporate greed, bank charges, bail-outs, credit card interest, predatory supermarkets, housing speculation, council corruption and so on. To provide a cover for all these social evils we get parenting programmes, minimum price alcohal, ASBOs and so on. All Big Brother garbage which does nothing to solve the problem but which actually causes and perpetuates the problem by protecting the perpetrators. It would be difficult to investigate vested interests like banks and council chambers so instead we go after the weak. We blame the poor for the theft of the life opportunities and the consequent social problems. It really is, to me, a sick and twisted psychology that seeks to stick the boot in where people are most vulnerable because of a problem which is at root economic.

Rather than actually pointing the finger at the true culprits - bankers, corporate lobbyists and politicians at central and local levels we demonise the poor. The problem you see is that they drink and take drugs and become bad parents because of it. You never hear the truth that it is because of the stupifying nature of big brother government telling people that they only have themselves to blame. You see it can't be government's fault.

Oh no? If you hadn't robbed taxpayers to pay for Trident and wars much of this poverty would be solved. If there was consumer protection against speculating bankers then there would be far more jobs..

Corruption and greed at the top of the system is the problem. It is not caused by bad parenting - that is merely a symptom. People do not have the hope that job opportunities give them. Why? Low interest rates supplying fat christmas bonuses for bankers, wars that fatten the shareholders' wallets of banks and arms manufacturers. Politicians on the take. Those are the problems. Get rid of them and in a few years you'll have fully functional parenting, I promise you.

Where is the vision of this land? It's bogged down in governement for and by big business. That's who's to blame. Politicians who take us into wars that we expressly didn't want to be involved in. Bankers who destroy the real economy by sucking up billions of pounds from the real economy to cover up their fraud and so on.

There's a storm coming. We have a system crash. Bankers' fraud can no longer be covered up and unless we try them and jail them the economy will continue downwards. People will start going hungry and you'll be in French revolution territory.

When you get to the point where the people's children can't eat because of the greed of a small band of banking and corporate aristocrats it'll be 'off with their heads time'.

If we don't reform the system now, blood may well have to spill.

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